Zodiac Signs Dates and the Personality of the Aquarius

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The Aquarius has a great introspective power and always feels the need to understand the world and people around her. This airy sign is easily annoyed when stupidity, boredom, and non-justice appear. The best ability of people born under these zodiac signs dates is highly developed intuition that helps them predict the happenings in their life and sometimes even control them.

The Aquarius Rising Personality

They respect fidelity, but they appreciate freedom and loves experimenting both in friendships and in love relationships. These people are thought to be emotionless, while in reality, they are very spur-of-the-moment and at the same time open, adventurous and very unpredictable. They are emotional when it comes to people they really appreciate in life – otherwise, they don’t pay a lot of attention and don’t bother with ‘useless’ people that come and go in and out of their lives daily.

The intellectual side of the Aquarius

It’s not hard to hurt an Aquarius, but when someone does it they should beware because these people can easily become vindictive. They always require respect and attention.

The Aquarius present themselves in two different ways: shy and quiet and at the same time energetic and rebellious.

They are highly intellectual people and that’s why they cherish their independence that helps them drown in their own world full of thoughts on all kinds of topics – from scientific to totally unimportant things that happen along the way. This is the way they restore their energy that they spend in the various social situations they get involved. Without this kind of mental stimulation, they get bored and lose all motivation needed for reaching their goals.

They say you can never put your trust on an Aquarius, but according to the zodiac signs dates readings, this appears false. They will always respect your correct and consistent behavior and will cherish you until the day you betray them. If this day doesn’t happen, you can count on the most respective and helpful friend ever.

The Aquarius will never spend their time talking about unimportant things that don’t deserve their attention. They are very capricious and they can work until they reach they goal literally without stopping.

The Aquarius in love and friendships

When it comes to love, these people always strive for free and uncommitted love. They are very liberal and they choose people in their life – especially partners depending on their level of the liberal mindset.
If they have to choose between true friendship or erotic love – they would choose the friendship because they are aware friends will give them a lot more freedom than lovers.

Subjects born under this sign are known to change their partners frequently, and they continue doing this in marriage, too. The Aquarius is never jealous and won’t have strong reactions if someone betrays them. This is why they get along greatly with other signs that share this open-mindedness, such as the Gemini, the Libra, and the Leo.
Their worst partners would be a Scorpio or a Taurus.