The Zodiac Signs Dates Define How We React to Cheating

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Have you ever wondered why some of us get through infidelity easier than others? Chances are the zodiac signs dates have the answer. While some of us get through cheating as victims, spend countless nights crying, others seem to take it easy and consider it a normal thing in today’s modern life.

Find out how your zodiac signs dates define the way you act when someone cheats on you:

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When an Aries finds out he is being cheated, everyone around will get the news. Even though this sign doesn’t feel bad about the act of infidelity, but telling others about it will make him/her the victim.


This sign knows how to forgive, but he will never forget. If you are born under this sign – chances are you have some backup plans to make the person who disappointed you – suffer endlessly.


Geminis certainly don’t get through cheating easily. Their reactions tend to be aggressive and very impulsive. So, watch out if you have cheated on a Gemini.


Cheating on a Cancer is like betraying him forever. Saying bad things and offending the partner will make the Cancer feel a bit better – this is the only way they can get through bad emotions.


pisces and leo

The reactions of a Leo are quite like those of the Cancers. ‘Make the person suffer’ is their way of getting through desperation.


When it comes to cheating a Virgo, in most cases this person will think it’s his fault. As emotional as they are in a relationship, they act similarly when it comes to infidelity.


Making the other person’s life miserable is the way a Libra suffers from being cheated. Once you cheat a Libra – you will wish to get things back to the beginning, since you will definitely be sorry for doing it.


Playing with the cheating person’s emotions is the style of the Scorpio, both in strong relationships and in those that involve betrayal. A Scorpio will make the other person feel as guilty as possible.


When a Sagittarius is being betrayed – he will never return back to normal in that relationship, and he will probably try to end it soon. There is nothing else in the world that can hurt a Sagittarius more than cheating.


If a Capricorn is being cheated – he will want to erase every trail that the cheating person existed. He will go on living a happy life without the certain person like nothing happened.


The Aquarius acts pretty impulsively when it comes to infidelity. In the beginning, don’t hide the shock, but once they process the situation in their minds – they will leave quietly and go on to a normal life soon enough.


Being the most emotional sign in the zodiac system – Pisces will cry for months after finding out they have been cheated. After getting through the hell – they will get things back to how they were and leave a happy life that won’t involve the cheating person.