The Zodiac Signs That Belong to the Air Group

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These are zodiac signs that belong the air group or love group.

Gemini are real seductions

These tedious, enduring multi-faceted characters will surely provide each partner with a good party, but you must be aware of them. Their need for constant change and new events is inexhaustible, and if you are a woman for that, you will surely enjoy it. Men Gemini love companionship, especially intelligent societies. They love to talk and are most often the loudest in society. Extremely social, and conversations with them are pliable, intelligent and interesting.

Women Gemini love action and despise routine

The best way to attract the attention of this character is to talk about originality and determination in your attitudes while giving them the desired attention. As they are very curious, prepare to interview you for the details you’ve never met with anyone. Stupid interviews retired individuals, and depressed feelings are not what women are interested in this sign. On the other hand, if you show her that you are spontaneous and always ready for action, she will be willing to give you a chance in love.

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The man Libra in relation is an important freedom

Men Scales are lovers of beauty, a good society, but above all harmony. In love, they seek balance and peace and will not surround themselves with the brutish and character-conscious women. More than anything, it will attract him the pleasant personality of a woman. She also does not like women who wear too much, in bright colors and overwhelming. These men are positive, friendly, and socially friendly. That’s why they will be regularly on the lists of entry clubs because they all love it. Men’s Scales are known for their irresistible charm, recognizable humor and intelligent and social personality.

Women Scales want a lot of attention and are prone to love analysis

Charming and open, scales are the men of one of the most attractive partners. They have the innate ability to conquer, but despite this, they will carefully choose their love partners. They have been able to spend themselves for a long time because they do not submit to “half-hearted” love. In love affair, they will weigh whether their partner is the same as that of them, and he will become very coherent and ironic if they feel that someone is exploiting their love.

Male An aquatic was born to be related

Male The Aquarius is a real little rebel. It is susceptible to injustice and change in the world and always has the ready ideas and hypotheses to fix it. What distinguishes it from others is precisely that originality and specialty, and women really love it. What attracts him is not dresses and makeup but your look at life. Whether it differs from others and is based on solid arguments, you can be sure that you will soon adore it. Individuality is what attracts him more than anything else. So you’ll appreciate the fact that you love an old band instead of the latest British hit group because it will recognize your specialty.

Woman The Aquarius seeks partner on the intellectual level

The sharp mind and the investigative nature are their most prominent qualities. They are interested in everything and everything they like to penetrate into the core of everything they are interested in to understand the way they function. That is why it will not be difficult to start a conversation with the first-born Aquarius woman. They are interested in culture, travel, social issues and science. But it will cool off if you automatically look at other women while you are with her and stuff unhappy jokes. She is a very cultured and talented woman, so her time does not want to lose with someone who is not nearly at their level. You are clinging to controversial topics until you know a little bit better so that you will not start your chances at the start.