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YouTube Fitness Girls you Should Start Watching Today


Thousands of videos related to fitness are being uploaded daily on YouTube, but some of them have gained huge success – for a reason.
A list of popular YouTube channels offers a true fitspiration for all the future fitness girls or the ones that just need to make a reality check and track the progress of their hard workouts.

Here are the top 5 fitness channels that rock on YouTube and you will definitely enjoy watching.

Fitness Blender

Following FitnessBlender will most likely change the way you consider nutrition and fitness as a whole. The channel built from a couple named Daniel and Kelli is a dynamic way to start cardio workout regimen at your own home or preparing your condition before deciding to hit the gym. The different sets of workouts can meet each taste and personality, so watching their frequent video updates will freshen up your days with lots of energy and a great feel at the end of the day.

Yoga with Adriene

If you are preferring some more laid-back way of exercising and decide yoga is the fitness regimen you are into – then the perfect way to start or continue your yoga practice is to start following Adriene and her excellent sets of yoga techniques adapted both for beginners and advanced fitness girls. Her charming attitude towards yoga counts millions of views at each of her videos, so choosing this girl is a perfect choice for any of you.


Going under the tagline: ‘Don’t dream for it – train for it’, the famous fitness coach Jillian will fully transform your fitness approach and give you clear and effective directions that include pretty intensive exercises. Moreover, the powerful upbeat sounds that make an excellent match with her challenging videos make her even more appealing and attractive in the world of fitness Youtubers.

Robin Gallant

The channel that has already been recognized by over 200 hundred followers is a must-see, especially if you need to hear some theory about the whole fitness fuss and learn how to work out – before the mere start.

robin black flex


Most of the videos posted by the fitness diva Robin Gallant are shorter than 15 minutes, but at the same time greatly effective as they are each specialized in the different muscle group.
For those of you looking for some super-delicious healthy recipes, this channel offers lots of nutrition-reach meals and directions on how to prepare them.


If you are looking for some humorous approach to fitness – the absolute hit for you would be the XHIT channel that is followed by millions of girls worldwide and appears to be a great success on YouTube.

The videos that relate celebrities and fitness tips will make you smile and totally motivate you while you are trying, for example – to reach the leg shaped like a Victoria Secret angel. Aside from the humorous tactic, this perfectly shaped fitness coach will test your strength through some pretty intensive workouts that will likely become your most attractive challenge on the road to reaching the shape of your dreams.

Enjoy watching the videos!