Worst Food For The Morning: 7 Mistakes For Your Breakfast

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The ideal breakfast consists of foods rich in protein and dietary fiber, which give us the energy to start the day. No matter what kind of attitude you have towards the first morning meal, it can improve your health.

The problem arises when we choose calorie “bomb” or foods full of sugar and fats have the opposite effect than desired.

1. Avoid protein

Creamy coffee and a cookie like muffins is a common choice if the first

breakfast food

morning meal we eat from your feet, out of the house. It is a fine combination for the eyes and stomach which unfortunately lacks protein. Studies have shown that breakfast is based on protein balances blood sugar levels and reduces sudden hunger pangs. Try to start your day with two hard-boiled eggs and an apple or yogurt to which you add chia seeds.

2. Exaggerating with juice

Fruit juice can be a great source of vitamins and minerals, but not an alternative to the consumption of fruit. By comparison, an average orange has about sixty calories while a glass of juice from the same fruit almost double. It should know that the juice lacks dietary fiber, which are abundant in natural fruit. A new study published in the journal Appetite showed that people who drink a lot of juice have higher blood pressure than those who do so only occasionally.


3. We eat the wrong fats

It is known that body should have fat for normal function. But this does not mean that we should not exaggerate them, especially if it is a saturated fat like butter or lard. Famous New York nutritionist Bonnie Tub-Dix suggests proper distribution of fat, and breakfast recommended a combination of healthy food and fats such as Greek yogurt with a little not chopped walnut.

4. We add artificial sweeteners

If you have no calories, does not mean that there are no negative effects on our body. A study from the journal Nature showed that artificial sweeteners may disrupt the balance of bacteria in the stomach resulting in increased fructose needed to in order to feel satisfied. A dietitian Brooke Alpert suggests drinking coffee without any sweeteners, but with the addition of spices such as cinnamon to stimulate your metabolism.

5. Waiting too long for breakfast

If the first meal of the day we eat only after a few hours of awakening, or only when you remind wrapping the stomach, the greater the chance that we “exaggerate” the consumption of food, and finish with a calorific “truffle” in his hand. Although there is no official schedule when you should eat the first meal of the day, we must be careful that our body is not starved.

6. Do not pay attention to the amount of food

Believe it or not, the size of food affects the amount of food we eat into the body. A study from the University of Penn State showed that people eat up to eighty calories more per meal when you consume corn flakes smaller forms. The main reason for this is that the extent desired amount of “approximately” method. Instead, use the kitchen scales and eat just enough food to your body.

7. We eat too rich meals

Skipping breakfast adverse effect on the body as well as the excessive meals. Large amounts of food burden the body to slow the metabolism and fall asleep you. Instead, you have to dial meals consist of a balanced relationship of proteins and carbohydrates that give us enough energy to start the day.