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zumba fitness

The most powerful Zumba Dancer Don Omar explains why everyone can dance Zumba and be fit.

This is a serious cardio – fitness program based on Latin dance suits all ages, regardless of their level of physical fitness, dance experience.

If you want to look better, genetics, laziness, and love of healthy food reflect on our figure we often try to bring in line, but in the wrong way, starvation. Traditional methods of exercise, fitness, and aerobics give results only after a long period so that women give up easily from them.

Zumba fitness, so far the world’s largest movement in group exercise, in fact, is a serious cardio-fitness program based on Latin American dances. Suitable for all ages, regardless of their level of physical fitness, dance experience, and a half. For basic Zumba dance steps everyone can learn, so do not even need to know all the steps, and the time they come by themselves.
In Zumba no choreography, but when someone’s watching from the side, seems to have all learned the choreography for each song. This is because it remembers only three to five steps for each song, and the song itself takes you to their pace.
It is recommended that everyone who is lazy, have excess subcutaneous fat that stubbornly wants to solve. After the first hour of Zumba, students feel better because they have finally done something for yourself. The feeling of inner satisfaction, but after a few weeks can be seen in the mirror.
While dancing Zumba, you feel like you’re at a party with friends, because Zumba increases confidence and improves mood.

zumba fitness
Simple steps and choreography that are repeated enough times so that each participant could not follow them, the intensity of which satisfies everyone from beginners to advanced exercisers, has contributed to the popularity of the fitness program. Each workout consists of ten to twelve songs in different styles, choreography, and intensity. Zumba acts on the leg muscles, buttocks, arms, shoulders, back, chest and abdominal muscles.

There are several models of Zumba fitness than training, which lasts 30 minutes, 45 minutes or an hour. Also already offered several types of Zumba, Zumba like water, Zumba with strength exercises, Zumba with equipment for circuit training, Zumba for practitioners of the third age, Zumba for kids and so on.
Because of Zumba in people a desire to come to training, frequent training is one of the most important factors in the development of the form and the desired results. A number of Zumba training depends on the goal we want to achieve by practicing, but generally four to six sessions a week cause the desired changes, and three training sessions a week keeps the results achieved at a high level.