Why Does My Dog Stare At Me?

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Sometimes you catch your dog watching you. In this case, you can imagine that he is not judging whether you have good hair or not. But you can’t figure out why he’s staring at you like that for several minutes. Dogs use eye contact for assurance and understanding the same way humans do for building interpersonal relationships and reactions. It also helps us connect with them.

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Here are the most common answers to why your dog stares at you:

  1. He expects something from you

If you are in the process of eating, it seems obvious that if your dog is staring at you, it is hoping to share some of your meal. So, it’s either he waits for you to give him some food, or a piece falls to the ground.

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However, your faithful companion may also expect more from you than food. He may stare at you for a couple of reasons like because he wants to play, because his toy got stuck under a piece of furniture and he wants you to pick it up, or because he wants to go out to defecate. He’s learned that just looking at you is often enough to get what he wants.

  1. It is waiting for a signal

While you are out for a walk and looks you straight in the eye, for example, it may be because he is waiting for you to give him an order. Also, if you have the habit of asking him to sit down before crossing a pedestrian crossing, your dog will look at you to wait for the signal. Likewise, if your dog detects a sad expression on your face, it will trigger a very special reaction from him, such as snuggling up to you for comfort. Also, if he sees you picking up the leash, he knows it’s time to get out. Thus, your facial expression and your body language send him clues about what to do next.

  1. He wants to show you his affection

The looks between dogs and their owners have been shown to increase each other’s oxytocin levels.  Known as the love hormone, oxytocin, promotes the creation of social bonds. Humans and dogs bond by looking each other in the eyes.

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However, if your dog is afraid of you, he will also tend to watch you. Indeed, he does not trust you…