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The moon is our subconscious and our inner source, and the voice that is our leading star. That voice should never be ignored and muffled. Just as we are born with two basic supports, mother and father, so in our natal horoscope, we have two basic principles of vital importance – the sun, which gives us vitality and strength, which indicates what we are aiming for and the moon that suggests how to do something. Here we are the most vulnerable. All the attention is focused on only one point – emotion.

Moon in Aries, Taurus, and Gemini

A person with a Moon in Aries easily accepts new ideas sees life as an adventure or, as they say, “bites” for what he wants. “Born to be wild” go well with their character. They have a natural enthusiasm and joy, but they have to work consciously, otherwise, they are in danger of burning out without waiting for their idea to come true. Mental speed, on the other hand, is their strong point, as well as their quick reaction.

They expect the maximum from themselves, as well as from the closest associates. The fact is that people born with the Moon in this sign have a predisposition for very high positions of any kind of organization and bosses. They have a natural sense of “rule” and can impose themselves on others with their reasonable opinions. Restless and original, they set high goals for themselves and then inevitably lead to disappointment and giving up.

Why? Time is the biggest problem here. Not everything can be done at the speed they envision. They do not accept other people’s suggestions so easily, but they secretly listen to them anyway. Emotions are strong, powerful and short-lived. Their drama is outstanding, their love is always like in a movie.

Tip: One of the things that every Aries person should learn with this position on the Moon is patience.

The Moon in Taurus in astrology is known as one of the best positions because of its sublimity in this sign. Emotional stability is the key here! Beautiful people, pleasant voice, always ready for a good dinner and a few sweets, know exactly what they want – comfort, and not too snoring and stress. So are their reactions – something measured, slow and careful. There is no risk here and you know exactly how to deal with the situation. These people usually have round big eyes. Although they are a little lazy, they are very determined and are usually the ones who start something. They never give up, and their endurance is their strength. A sober mindset does not allow for a “threefold, one-time” quick reaction. Sometimes, conventionality and conservatism can cost the joys of life, but in general, these people feel exactly what is good for them, never rush into relationships, and art is an integral part of life. Love is solid, loyal, stable and sexually fulfilling. and sensual. The thought of touch is the main thing, and the smell is a highly valued sensation. On the other hand, the classic Beck possesses stubbornness and jealousy. they can disturb this wonderful cosmic order.

Tip: You possess all aspects of success. You know how much you are worth, but don’t be lazy. Allow others to reach out to you.

GEMINI, the Moon gives them charm. These people feel the need for immediate and short emotional contact. Their emotional personality cries out for constant change, and routine and everyday life are words they would most like to erase from a dictionary.

The Moon in Gemini is always looking for something different and challenging is the main thing that leads to action. The senses serve the intellect more than emotions. Action, whether physical or mental, is necessary to feel happiness and contentment. There is no over-intuition here, but these people are perfect at observing and interpreting the reactions of others. For this reason, they can predict the behavior of other people in certain situations. They are verbally irresponsible, best rhetoricians, and can arouse the emotions of others in their own words. That is why we often find writers, journalists, radio presenters and all other professions where the word is important. They are very reserved when it comes to personal life and they can skillfully hide it. That’s why they can be considered very cold and unmotivated. They are skilled manipulators when they want to be and when they feel threatened in any way. Inevitably in any society because of their charm and insane behavior, in the eternal search for the right person, they hide behind loneliness for fear of being left behind.

Tip: Awaken deeper feelings and let emotions flow like words that will take you to a haven.

Moon in Cancer, Leo, and Virgo

The outstanding position of the Moon in CANCER brings true dreamers and great souls open to cosmic influence. The mother’s feeling is very strong and would protect any person if she could. They perceive the world too early and any injustice hurts them. Reactions can be a little slow, so they often feel remorse for what they didn’t say and did whatever they needed to do. Extreme is very common here, so from complete apathy, they cross the line and become leaders in the worst arguments, so they explode for a moment.

But this planetary position keeps you – find balance. Intuition is at an enviable level, as is the hypersensitivity of external influences. The family is one of the key motivators for growth and progress, leading embroidery. On the other hand, there is a lot of rationality when it comes to money, so here we can meet people who deal with economics, management, real estate sales. In each case, they have seized it, despite obstacles we can scarcely imagine. ”

Tip: Too many mood swings take you away from your focus. Meditate as often as possible by the water, where you will get answers to your main life questions.

Emotionally Dramatic Moon – Leo. Very often enough for themselves, these proud representatives will not do anything they do not care about and do not believe deeply. When they take action, they do not allow anyone to interfere with them and criticize them. They are emotionally attached to everything that belongs to them or that is personally reflected in their ego. They value people and their true or hidden motives. The temperament is fiery and quickly puts everyone in their place. When they love someone, they become too weak and subjective, and even if no one expects it, they often suffer because of their speed.

It is very difficult to reach a compromise and they always want to push it to the end, no matter how wrong they are. They have magnetic charm and charm, which they often use in a variety of situations. Their style is important. They are extremely fair and just, and their comments on this topic are very offensive. As with the sign of Leo, the Moon, when in this position, always speaks of an empathetic ego and a problem with authority for this reason.

Tip: Listen to others sometimes and think in your key decisions with your head, not your heart!

Emotional selectivity is the main thing when the Moon is in Virgo! They have an incredible need to share the experiences they have gained with others. Too often they overreact because their flow must not disturb anyone. Although they are generous when they spend time and energy helping others, they can be bad if they just want to benefit. Mental activity is very pronounced, and practicality is present in everything. Concerns and constant tensions about whether everything will end well are the burdens they are constantly facing. They want to acquire everything they acquire with their mental qualities and extraordinary imagination. When the yellow minutes come, people born with this lunar position can be extremely weak and awkward and suffocate the environment. So, the main lesson they need to learn is to say what they think from time to time and replace their constant silence and flexibility with a reasonable measure of openness. Their intuition is extremely pronounced and very often they are interested in the occult. Great business sense with insisting on details. Although interesting, ladies with this position on the moon can look great. Uncertainty breaks them from time to time!

Tip: Replace the cold and inhibition with a magical smile!

Moon in Libra, Scorpio, and Sagittarius

The moon in Libra sees the world with pink glasses. They feel a deep need to satisfy everyone and have the innate courtesy, charm and diplomatic demeanor. Emotional stability depends on how well they approve. A small problem – where are you in all this? Very pleasant, many want to be in the company of these signs. Sometimes, when they want to, whims can be another name. They have huge ideas that, due to their airy nature, often do not end there. They love music, poetry, and art. Partners are very important to them and because they work best in collaboration with others, they are not solo players. They love clothes, makeup and fashion in general, but with a great deal of style.

Tip: You must learn to go through life independently and gradually build a value system. Listen to the advice of others, but apply it selectively. Let your word be the law!

The moon in SCORPIO. This astrological moon, known as the waning moon, carries a load on the holders of this position – a load of high intelligence and opposing emotions that mix and create a real storm of emotions. Possession is the main word that describes interesting people with sharp facial features – real Scorpios! Emotions are intense and often based on intense desires. They make judgments about others very quickly and want to dominate. They perform great tasks, have great potential and are entrepreneurial. These people often have problems in emotional relationships because they see things in black and white, and very often their ego and jealousy completely blind them to realistic reasoning. Their personality is very complex, they easily understand the motives of others and they are great psychologists. Sometimes they lack compassion for others, but when they are committed to a relationship, they invest everything they have in it! Sexuality is very pronounced and these signs with this position very often attract the attention of travelers. The wrong choice of partner is a common thing.

Tip: Leave every decision overnight. Work a little to control your impulsiveness, trust people more!

The moon in Saggitarius or the emotional idealism that adorns this sign encompasses all segments of their existence. They respond to other people as if they are part of themselves and tend to associate with everyone. They are open and friendly like a small child. A strong prophetic feeling and inspiration always make them look for something. A restless spirit, they often lack continuity. The court is always valid, always on the side of justice – here we often meet lawyers and all those who advocate for human rights. When they focus on one thing, no force can change their focus. Because they are both curious and restless in mind and body, they need both physical and mental activity. They love sports, and every aspect of recreation is welcome. They are always looking for deeper meaning – here we find the greatest believers and the greatest agnostics, professors and all those who teach high philosophy. In a love affair that usually ends in fantasy, the holders of this position remain loyal lovers of romance for the rest of their lives.

Tip: Even though you are free-spirited, try to develop a sense of community and accept norms and standards, because this is the only way to achieve the main reward of life – complete happiness.

Moon in Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces

The moon in Capricorn, or otherwise known as the Moon in Exile, emphasizes coldness and distance as key principles of functioning. Capricorns should be recognized as powerful and powerful. The business aspect is very much emphasized here. At first glance, real people are very insecure about their value and constantly wonder. They have high standards for themselves, so they expect that from others. In love, they are very cold, sometimes calculating, although they are not able to express what they are feeling. They are great for managerial jobs of all kinds and fairness is their great virtue. They reach their position easily, but once they reach it, stability is guaranteed. They are very loyal friends, although it is very difficult to enter their circle of loved ones. They usually decide to get married later. The forms will suffer any kind of content.

Tip: Get rid of official things, enjoy. Not everything is black or white and give yourself a little breath! Life is worth it, so smile at your neighbor in the elevator and light up the day!

People with the moon in Aquarius experience it as an area to prove themselves. Idealists are by nature, and freedom comes first. That is why the feeling of closeness here often remains an unattainable point. A specific goal is really necessary to stay focused. They have universal qualities and go ahead of their time. They are often misunderstood and characterized as fraudulent. Experienced imagination and talent are synonymous with this planetary position, however, nervous tension is very present. Constant relaxation exercises here can help a lot and bring your spirit and mind into harmony. They want everything unconventional and above all, they value personal independence and freedom. This can cost them their original emotional connection.

Tip: The advice for people with the Moon in Aquarius is to subdue their awakened rebellious instincts and transform them to capture their emotional happiness for at least a short time.

The moon in Pisces. Instinct! This position, perhaps more than any other, tells us that we are composed of feelings, subtle and rough, strong and thin, and the person born in this sign knows it all, their sixth sense is at an extraordinary level. They somehow understand the problems of all mankind. Addicts of love, fragrant with the most erotic perfume. They do not want to be frustrated if they cannot get the right pitch so invest in a good capo. Of course, the main problem is, we assume, objectivity. Because of their naivety, they often suffer in emotional and other relationships of trust.

Tip: Follow your intuition, it will tell you a lot. Listen to your body, never go against yourself, no matter what. Let your inner voice never go away!