What Causes Depression in Any Zodiac Sign?

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Someone once said that life is hard, but the moment you accept that fact, it becomes easier. And so you can start dealing with everything that bothers you. But here’s the horoscope that can help calm your mind, although when you’re one of the depressed zodiac signs, it won’t affect you much.

What causes depression?

It depends on the person, but the problems you face affect you in some way. For some people, sitting at home and not doing anything can cause depression, while others can be filled with that lonely life.

Some people don’t care and let negativity stay behind, while others nurture and “feed” their depression with more negativity. Everyone has moments when they do not feel well, and when such moments appear, a person feels like he is sinking.

Besides, read what are the most depressing zodiac signs and what causes a feeling of depression in each of them.


  • Aries is depressed when ignored.

These people shine, but if your attention is not focused on them, they become depressed. They are indestructible when they are accepted and recognized by others, and when they do not get it, they sink.


  • Stagnation causes depression in Taurus.

They are ready for it because they tend to be in the comfort zone that can bother them. However, they are looking for more, even though they know it is sometimes not possible.

Lack of movement and inability to progress can disappoint Taurus.


  • Broken heart.

Yes, everyone feels depressed when their heart is broken, but Gemini just can’t get over it. They will remember the betrayal and lost love for a lifetime.

While they may be laughing, remember: they are clowns. The outer masked face masks the inner pain.


  • Cancer is unhappy when it doesn’t look good.

Yes, it may sound superficial, but Cancer means a lot to them, and if they don’t look their best, they’re depressed. They overcome this condition with physical activity and then everything is fine.


  • Leo is very upset when he doesn’t get what he wants, whether it’s a person, an object, or an idea.

The lion needs to control, and when things don’t go as planned, he falls into depression. But it also lets you know if you notice that you are enjoying the accident.


  • Virgo becomes very depressed when she thinks about her own life.

She tends to create unrealistic scenarios in her head, and these scenarios always end in disaster. Virgos predict bad periods in advance and then fall into depression.


  • Libra is very sad, even depressed when it can’t control everything it can.

And when her life gets out of hand, she goes crazy because she can’t control it. This causes depression and anxiety in these sensitive souls.


  • For Scorpios, fear is what causes depression.

They enjoy living fearlessly, doing what they love, and “picking” the fruits of their labor, but they are aware that it will not last forever.

Fear of death upsets Scorpio and causes her depression.


  • Being alone is a huge cause of depression for adventurers Sagittarius.

Oddly enough, the sign that is considered most comfortable when alone is the sign that he or she is secretly afraid to stay alone longer. They buy a single bed, but then they are sad to sleep alone.

Sagittarians are lonely people and love solitude until they begin to realize that it is not so pleasant.


  • Aging causes depression in Capricorns.

They never fully accept that aging is a natural process and always fight the aging process. Capricorns are the first to perform cosmetic surgeries to change their appearance, but sooner or later reality hits them and makes them hopelessly depressed.


  • Aquarius does not accept not to be right.

And because of that, they will constantly try to prove to you that you are wrong, even if you prove them wrong. The struggle itself exhausts and destroys them because they do not have a defense mechanism. In them, hopelessness causes depression.


  • The family causes depression in Pisces.

Not so much the family itself, but the inability to reconcile among all members. They are lovers of order and tradition, so when it seems to them that the family idyll is disappearing, they feel bad.