What Are The Three Most Labile Zodiac Signs?

Home Astrology What Are The Three Most Labile Zodiac Signs?

The members of these zodiac signs may seem like they are mentally stable, but that’s just an illusion.


So much sensitivity in a person cannot bring good to anyone. The members of this zodiac sign believe that the worst things in life always happen to them and they can’t stand it at all. These people can often say that they will go crazy. From puberty onwards, their nerves begin to weaken and as troubles arise during their lifetime, Pisces gets closer to the abyss. Occasional hysterical outbursts are characteristic of them, as well as various phobias that change periodically, but their number does not decrease.


People perceive Aquarius as extremely strong people who can withstand all adversity. That’s true, as long as their nerves don’t burn. As cheerful and positive as it may seem, there is a great deal of depression in Aquarius.


Members of this zodiac sign are considered very dark people. In addition to being often thoughtful and frowning, they are also aggressive. When they enter the dark phase, they are so angry that they can physically attack you and make a scene. Besides, one of their characteristics can often cause them to switch to the dark side, and that is vengeance.