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August 23rd – September 22nd

The earthy personality of the Virgo, together with her partners from this group of Zodiac signs – the Taurus and the Capricorn, is very conservative and excellently organized. A Virgo is a person that always sets goals and dreams after a strict determining their goals.

They are often misinterpreted because of their symbol, while in fact everything they do in life – they experience it like it’s for the first time. Sometimes they do it in order to satisfy other people, another time, it’s simply something they are used to do.

Getting to know the character of a Virgo in depth

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Something that looks like the most typical character trait that depicts a Virgo in a whole is their organizational skills that are so emphasized that they sometimes look like creating their own mess just for the sake of solving it by themselves.

Their extremely good organizational skills make them great analytics, translators, and politicians.

The Virgos are very savvy people that often don’t realize that the others around them may be bothered by this fact. Their family is their sacred place – in order for their world to have a purpose, their family must be compact and well organized. They will do anything to help their family members and this is the only living area where a Virgo makes an exception to their strict character.

It’s not uncommon for a Virgo to be gentle and caring, but they will act so only if they have a picture of the overcome of some situation before they involve themselves emotionally in it.

Their weak points are their nerves and in spite of their constant character, they often suffer from various depressive moods.

A Virgo in the mood for love

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The male Virgo is extremely tangible and sensitive to the smallest of details that no one else sees.
When they search for the perfect partner, they search for the intelligent and an ignorant partner that puts the rational in front of their emotions. This person doesn’t relate to others easily and needs the perfect circumstances in order to open up a bit and let the others get to know him. Still, once he finds the person he believes can be his partner for a lifetime, he devotes himself totally and would do anything for their loved one.

On the other side, the female Virgo is a totally different world that can’t be compared to anyone else’s. She is very romantic, but a huge perfectionist that will not accept her partner until he is totally perfect (in her taste). She has hard times making some big decisions – especially when it comes to marriage. The physical attractiveness is very important to this woman – and as soon as she got everything settled emotionally, she becomes occupied with the appearance of her partner.

Because of their picky characters, both males and female Virgos make great couples with the water signs that have the patience to give the Virgos everything they need until they make them fully satisfied.

However, they also function great with the other earth signs that usually share some part of their character traits.