Venus in Gemini brings joy and love for 3 zodiac signs

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Venus, the planet of love and money, entered Gemini on April 3, and it brings positive feelings, intellectual connection, and pleasant conversations.

This Venus helps to solve karmic problems and analytically to get rid of the connections of the past. You will separate from the emotions and decide what kind of energy you want in life. Emotions can become foggy for a moment, but you will gain clarity and you will be able to separate the important from the unimportant.

3 zodiac signs expect the greatest happiness, this period:


It’s time to dump her and move on. You have good communication and clearly show your feelings. You are expected to develop a relationship and a good conversation with the people around you. You have pleasant energy that conquers and attracts, and especially good luck awaits Aries who are in love. They will be able to improve their relationship with the person they love.


Gemini will be the most charismatic sign of this period. You will be the center of attention and you will have a strong intuition. Love conquers you every step of the way.


The road to emotional bliss is long, but you are slowly achieving it. After a period of nervousness and low self-esteem, you will finally achieve balanced energy and inner peace. Rely on your intuition and trust your heart before making final decisions.