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Protein shakes are sufficiently simple for veggie lovers to throw together, yet in the event that you are vegetarian and you need a protein-packed smoothie after a workout or for a healthy breakfast, you may be wondering where to find the best sources of this macronutrient to include into your meal.

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The answer is in the right seeds, nuts and protein-rich fruits and vegetables.

This collection of healthy smoothie recipes provides you with great, flavorful ideas for protein smoothies both with and without plant-based protein powder.

A few tips for getting started with smoothies:

healthy smoothie recipes

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  • It is extraordinary to keep a supply of frozen fruits in the fridge.


    You can freeze your own, or buy packed frozen fruits or veggies. In any case, having a supply of bananas, mango, berries, and different top choices is an extraordinary method for ensuring you can hurl a smoothie together anytime you want.

  • Grinding your own particular chia, hemp, and flaxseed as you use them is an incredible approach to get the most nutrients. It additionally helps as a binder to thicken your smoothie. Keep whole seeds in the fridge, and use a coffee grinder to crush only the tablespoon or two that you will be using as a part of a smoothie right then.
  • Also important to have close by for smoothie making are non-dairy milk. The greater parts of these formulas call for almond or coconut milk, yet you can explore different varieties regarding oat, flax seed, hemp and soy milk also.
  • Toppings make a smoothie feel like an additional extraordinary treat. Some extraordinary toppings to have close by, include cacao nibs, shredded coconut, cocoa powder, cinnamon, nutmeg and sunflower seeds.