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There are so many foods that we consume, so while we question. For bread, there are many theories, and since people do not get reliable answers, we present some of them.

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healthy food tipsBread is the foundation of our entire diet. Although traditionally through generations, food habits are modified, bread successfully survives. But our time reviewing and doubting every bite that you put in your mouth, and here the bread really bad passes.

Diets that restrict carbohydrate put bread on the blacklist, saying it causes a rise in the level of blood sugar and prevents the body to spend calories.

But despite the bad reputation, the bread is still the most challenging sin. In fact, like any vice, bread we creates a feeling of satisfaction. Does whence come it?

– When carbohydrates such as those found in bread are converted into glucose, they stimulate the secretion of serotonin, known as the hormone of happiness. That is the secret of the popularity of bread, English explains nutritionist Helen Bond.

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Fast roast slowly digestible

Thus achieved loaf is cooked in just one hour, and hence extends its durability on the shelves. Three-quarters of bread that we eat today is made in that way.Many experts believe that things went wrong in the early 70s, when the baking technique increased use of yeast becomes widely accepted – three times more than before, in order to shorten the fermentation process.

This certainly has adverse side effects. Abbreviated preparation process reduces the degree of degradation of yeast, which is not so good for our digestive system. The other extreme is the bread reaches without using a yeast, which is a process that lasts between 10 and 24 hours.

If the bread is fermented for so long, then proteins, such as gluten, advance themselves are broken down, which significantly facilitates the work of our stomach, explained the expert Andrew Wheatley, claiming he knows many people who delight eat homemade bread slowly prepared, while their digestive system can not fileĀ  the factory bread.

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We are not made to eat such large quantities

Toast for breakfast, a slice or two for lunch, a sandwich for dinner … Some experts say it is more than our digestive system can process.

– Gluten contained in bread is a large molecule that our body digests it. Because large amounts of the bread did not return. That it is in our nature can easily be concluded if we think of our ancestors, who were hunters and fed on meat, fish, fruit and vegetables.

White or black bread?

White the bread beat him especially disrepute. Is it justified? He has a high glycemic index, which means that the fast releasing energy and also increases the level of blood sugar. Because many scientists believe there is a direct link between white bread diabetes. A survey conducted in Australia a group of 36,000 subjects found that those who frequently consume white bread have 30 percent more likely to suffer from diabetes.

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