The True Colors of the Zodiac Signs

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Each of the 12 zodiac signs has their positive and negative traits. To be honest: the cons of each sign can be prominent enough to freak out the other 11 signs. These are the best and the worst features of each sign of the Zodiac system as known in the modern world:


These are the bold and advisable ones. As energetic as they can be, they can at the same time act a bit too aggressive and intolerant towards others while they uncover their true selfishness. However, the Aries is at the same time very, very brave: so you may want one in your life for the strongest support.


Stable and determined, always inspired by love and joy. This makes the Taurus a true hedonist which is always inclined towards comfort. While everything seems pink about this astrological sign – the stubbornness and easy habit forming make them bad partners especially if you are looking for someone to follow your path.


This artistic talent is a quick learner, great with multitasking and socializing with the world without setting any limits. Always setting aside from conflicts, violence, and rudeness. However, the Gemini is constantly anxious over things: simply because he cannot finish everything he started.


These nurturing, devoted people are always kind and tolerant. Their success in business is based on these traits exactly. However, they can often appear worried, very moody and extremely fragile. Be careful with the Cancers: as much as they give, they expect to receive back.


The best trait of the Leo’s is their friendly and charismatic character. Independent, generous and know to forgive while at the same time are among the most stubborn astrological signs and can be arrogant and cruel at times.


The most pendant of all Zodiac signs, the Virgo is always devoted even to the smallest of details. As thoughtful as this sign can be, they can often appear too critical towards others, lose focus and purpose in life easily as they withdraw in their extreme shyness.


The sign that symbolizes balance is exactly that: tolerant, sensitive and always balanced in every life segment. However, others should be careful with this one, because the Libras are often indecisive and can easily freak out when they need to come up with a big decision in life.


This sign is widely known to be either the best friend or the worst enemy. As loyal and protective they can be, at the same time they can easily show their sarcastic, possessive and arrogant side.


The energetic, inspiring and childish Sagittarius can easily become your life inspiration and your personal guide to a positive life full of adventures. However, don’t expect responsibility from these people. The child in them will never grow up.


Practical, ambitious and loyal: the Capricorns are the most responsible and well-organized Zodiac sign. However, their pessimism often makes them look cold and frustrated and at times lazy – a total opposite of their ambitious style.


As skeptical as they can be – the Aquarius is always open-minded and thoughtful. Probably the most creative among the twelve, they often have problems being accepted by their surroundings. They can be both unpredictable, eccentric and stubborn and sometimes even too rebellious.


These deeply intuitive and spiritual people are always kind and helpful and adore traveling and new things. However, because of their naïve, dreamy way of thinking they have difficulty accepting the reality. Don’t try to wake up these dreamers: they will surely end up disappointed and depressed.