Traits of the Leo Star Sign

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One of the most powerful and dramatic subjects of all twelve-star signs of the Zodiac system is a sign everyone loves because of his strong and self-confident appearance.

If you are a Leo yourself, or you have someone close that is born under this sign, you may want to catch up few pretty interesting details that astrology notes about this sign.

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Strong and attractive appearance

traits of leo zodiac sign

When a strong Leo enters the room – everyone is aware of it… Leo is usually very self-confident and people love this about him. Simply because he is aware that he is being adored by people around him – he tries to devote his full attention, whether it comes to family, friends or work.

No matter how much the Leo looks arrogant – he is often very kind to people and he never wants to demean anyone. When someone is in need – he will be the first to offer a hand, no matter the situation.

Therefore the Leo is the number 1 among the star signs when it comes to attractiveness and personality.

Passionate in love

This is probably the most passionate among all known star signs. He is an adventurer in sex life, energetic as can be, and luckily – knows to distinguish love and sex. In order for a relationship to succeed, the partner of a Leo must be at the same intellectual level as the Leo himself. Once they settle a relationship – they are extra entertaining and devoted to their partners.

Once a Leo falls in love – he loves with the whole heart. There is nothing that he wouldn’t do for his partner as he loves with his whole heart. As strong as he can be – this lover is very romantic and he always finds a way to surprise the partner in the cutest way ever.

When it comes to serious relationships – this zodiac sign is 100% committed and he will rarely cheat on the person he loves.

‘I will’ – the keyword of the working Leo


When it comes to working – Leo doesn’t accept excuses and certainly doesn’t make ones. ‘I will’ is his best-known phrase, and once he has set his priorities – he just devotes to them and makes things done.
The Leos are very ambitious and creative. This sign rarely does only the needed – he always puts some extra effort and works until he gets fully satisfied with his final product. The best occupations for a Leo would be management and teaching, but as he can get very creative – the field of entertainment and any kinds of arts will be a great choice.

These people are usually a fan of modern technology and trends, so the newest smartphone, the best notebook, and the most stylish wardrobe are something they always strive to have.
The Leo is never mingy, and luckily – he is usually not tight on his budget. His life philosophy is that money should be spent.

With this kind of mind-setting and well-shaped personality, a Leo reckons among the most appealing signs of the Zodiac.