Traits of the First Water Zodiac Sign – the Emotional Cancer

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Cancer is an artistic sign – one of the four water zodiac signs. He is constantly struggling with his intellect and emotions. Gentleness is very important for him and he cherishes his friendships in every aspect.

He is very sensitive and sometimes he overreacts because of his sensitivity. He is often very stubborn and persuasive, but he is very understanding of the other’s people’s attitudes and opinions. He is very slow in his everyday life and he is often very successful but he achieves his success often slower than the other zodiac signs. He is in constant need of someone to support him – but he is very supportive of others as well. He will always remember your birthday and he puts a lot of attention to details.

They focus their attention on what emotionally fills them most, no matter if it is his career or marriage. They are often much more rational and more calculating than they appear to be. Regardless of how the Cancer represents in front of others – the safety and position of society and good finance are most important to them.

The Cancer in work circumstances


These people appreciate when they are respected, but they don’t do a lot of hard work to achieve a greater level in their career.
If someone else in their family secures them financially – they can completely leave their jobs and their careers. No matter what they work – they love being at the center of attention and that’s why they choose some easy professions. The areas that they usually choose is education, art or fashion business – somewhere where they can easily draw the focus

They love being at the center of attention and being valued and choosing easy professions, they rarely deal with politics, mainly professors, arts or fashion.

The love life of a Cancer

These people are not fatal seducers but they can be very romantic and they always expect the full attention from their partners. They often leave the impression of more passionate and sensible than they really are. They are very self-centered and they are not even aware of it. Because of it, he frequently makes mistakes and can be very confused when it comes to love.

The Cancer almost never attaches to the ‘real’ person for him. He easily falls in love, but once he gets stuck with the wrong person he doesn’t last long. This sign – most of all, gets betrayed easily. However – he doesn’t get this well and he easily gets annoyed and extremely angry when being cheated.

Family relations and the position of the Cancer

Both male and female Cancers are very close to their mothers. They believe in them a lot and they often look them for advice. However – this relation often leads to conflicts. This sign keeps great relations with all members of his family until they are being criticized. When they get a whole lot of critics, whether it is on his appearance, love or work life – they reduce the contacts with their families at a large amount.

The main reason for this is that they are very egocentric and often very stubborn, so once their family accepts this trait of theirs – they can live a long and happy life together.