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When speaking of how to train your dog, it’s very important to the awareness of your dog’s agility. What kind of exercise, practice is needed? First of all, the easiest way to break the obstacles of basic puppy training is to motivate your paw friend to strengthen his agility by training with an agility tunnel.

Training Tunnels Designs

There are various designs for training your dog and you have to find an adequate one. When you are at the beginning of introducing your dog to this training tunnel, you should try with the standard, straight tunnel that seems to be the preferred version, especially when it comes to various competition organizations and competition programs.

Agility Training Tunnels for Dogs

What’s very important to you is that you can afford the agility tunnel for the proper training of your dog. So here comes the budget, if you want to succeed. The basic dog training may begin since you start learning the dog the basic steps how to adjust, and we are speaking of incorporating basic puppy commands, basic dog commands, and how to teach the dog commands. You may explore this subject, have some training tips for dogs, like bark collars, bark shock collars, as part of training your dog.

Now, we offer you to check some out of the best agility training tunnels that are the best way to train a dog so that you can use indoors and outdoors:

  1. Agility Tunnel, Nylon, ø60 cm, 5.00 m


  • Diameter: 60 cm.
  • Length: 5.00 m.

– Made of durable nylon.

– Complies with FCI regulations.

– For a complete training program.

– Many mounting options (egg U-shaped)

– With pegs and hooks for the floor.

– It can be easily assembled and disassembled.

– With bag with handle.

– Save storage space.

– Includes brochure with tips and tricks for proper training.

– Color blue.


– Prepare a varied physical conditioning program for your dog.

– Exercises keep your dog in shape and offer him a long and healthy life.

– Includes tips for optimal use and training.

General advice:

– Before starting training your dog should always warm up.

– Never let your dog train on a full stomach and do not feed your dog immediately after it.

– Don’t expect too much from your dog and challenge him slowly.

–  Make this exercise fit your dog.

– Let your dog rest during the training phases, as it will keep his interest in using this activity.

– Make sure you always have fresh water available to your dog and let him rest briefly after drinking.

– Keep in mind that dog training should always end with a positive experience.

– Puppies and young dogs should only receive training after consulting the veterinarian to avoid possible injuries.

Important: Pamper your dog and offer him a reward during training – this will motivate him and build trust between dog and person.

  1. Heavy Duty Vinyl Dog Agility Tunnel UV Proof Flexible or Directly Dog Tunnel


  • many kinds of thickness, 0.28mm, 0.35mm, 0.38mm, and 0.40mm, it is customized.
  • 10-20 inches’ long
  • 24 inches in diameter
  • fashionable tubular and remain open for their entire length
  • heavy duty PVC coated vinyl or PVC coated polyester fabric
  • sustainable, flame retardant
  • waterproof

General advice:

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  1. Pacific Play Tent Institutional Agility Dog Training Tunnel


  • The most durable commercial-grade agility tunnel
  • 600*300 woven Dacron polyester
  • More resistant to wear and tear than standard polyester
  • Interior padding
  • Built around a heavy-duty spring steel structure that holds the tunnel up and prevents the tunnel to collapse
  • Hardened wire structure that leads to more resistant shape adjustments
  • Advanced level of difficulty
  • 22” openings and a 9 ft. length

The only thing that may be considered as a con is the price, it’s pretty much expensive as a first obstacle choice.