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If you have trouble sleeping, try to supplement their diet include some of the three beverage and you will immediately feel the well-being.

Juice from the cherries


Cherry is one of the few types of fruit that contains melatonin – a natural hormone that regulates sleep. Our bodies are otherwise naturally secreted hormone melatonin, which is released only at night, usually after 21.00, and so encourages sleep.

Before bedtime drink a glass of pure juice of cherries. This will allow a deep, uninterrupted and relaxing sleep. Melatonin has also been used in the treatment of symptoms of menopause, drug withdrawal, in human breast cancer and prostate cancer, attention deficit hyperactivity.

Medicinal properties cherries: nourishes and protects the brain, reducing the risk of diabetes, helps with kidney disorders, helps the digestive system, promotes weight loss, improves sleep, reduces the risk of heart disease, helps with inflammation of the urinary tract.

Tea made from chamomile and lavender

Chamomile is synonymous with us for tea. But if you look at all that has medicinal properties, it is no wonder it is so. Chamomile is a “cure-all”. This herb improves digestion, lowers the temperature, relieves pain, soothes cramps, reduces the rash, soothes burns, conjunctivitis, dermatitis, relieves depressive state, reduces irritability, relieves migraines and difficulties climax, treat acne, provides a pleasant feeling of inner balance.


Lavender has a soothing scent that makes it an excellent tonic for the nerves. Lavanda helps in the treatment of a migraine, headache, anxiety, depression, tension and stress. Its pleasant fragrance relieves fatigue and restlessness and increases mental activity. As a means to calm and relaxation, besides oil, helps the tea from the flowers of lavender, as well as a soothing bath.

It is recommended in the evening to drink mild chamomile tea and lavender ( a teaspoon of dry lavender flower and a scoop of dried chamomile flowers, pour 3 dl hot water). Drink filtered after 5 minutes.

Warm milk with honey and nutmeg

A delicious combination of hot homemade milk, honey and a pinch of nutmeg is a ticket for the festival sleep.

Warm milk has long been known as an ideal drink before going to sleep, but not for the reason that modern state tryptophan.

Studies have shown that warm milk does not affect the raising of tryptophan, but it also increases the internal temperature of the body, which relaxes and provides a peaceful sleep.

Add to this the most powerful ingredient, the placebo effect, the peace of mind you until morning.

Warm milk is associated with psychological peace and drowsiness. Perhaps it dates back to early childhood when we drank breast milk and “slept like a baby.”

Honey contains tryptophan, an essential amino acid that is vital to our holiday. Honey produces insulin, which drives tryptophan across the blood-brain barrier.

It is then converted into serotonin, in the dark convert’s melatonin by the pineal gland in the brain. The result is that your body is saying, “Okay, time for bed.”

Nutmeg is the quite powerful spice that it is possible to “overdose is” feel bad, hallucinate and suffer countless other unpleasant side effects.

But the safe consumption of small amounts is a pretty good natural supplement for quality sleep, thanks to the numerous chemical substances that act calming.

Just hold a quarter of a teaspoon and everything will be fine.

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