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Apart from being a very successful and famous, have completely insane habits

It is a known thing that some of the most successful people in the world disciplined following their daily routines and rituals in order to maintain the form of what they want. The fact is that some of them are a little strange, even bizarre, especially when it comes to food.


Below, we present some of the most bizarre eating habits of some of the most successful people in the world, from actors to athletes across the businessman.

strange healthy food

Nicholas Cage did not eat pork because it believes that these animals do not have dignified sex

Yes, you heard right! This famous actor eats meat only those animals for which thinks to have dignified sex. The most consumed fish and poultry.

strange healthy food

Renee Zellweger snacks instead of eating ice cubes

It does not sound tempting, but the actress herself said that nibbling ice cubes, how you would feel satiated.

strange healthy food

Mark Zuckerberg eats only what meat (animals) that he kill

Facebook founder in 2011 said that eating the flesh of animals that he kill. And, of course, became a vegetarian.


Most people forget that a living being has to die so that we eat meat. This year I will become a vegetarian, because meat that I could eat I have to kill with his own hands. In this way, I will eat food that is much healthier than before, said Zuckerberg for magazine Fortune.

strange healthy food

Lyoto Machida, the former UFC heavyweight champion, drinking his own urine

This famous fighter admitted that every morning drinking their own urine because he was so advised the father, saying that urine is a natural medicine.

strange healthy food

Steve Jobs ate the same food at the same time and weeks

The founder of Apple has also had a very strange eating habits. The condition was eating the same type of food and weeks, such as carrots or apples. Once he ate carrots as long as his skin was orange.

Otherwise, Jobs felt that the strict dietary (he was a vegetarian) releases his body odor, so he’s allowed to bathe only once a week.

strange healthy food

Stephen King ate cheesecake each time before writing

Before you sit down at the table and began to write this famous writer ate a slice of cheesecake. Likewise, never in my mouth did not put anything tacky or winding. “I do not eat shellfish. It is disgusting, the way you slice through the throat”- he said in an interview.

strange healthy food

Automobile tycoon Henry Ford ate weeds from his yard

He believed that the human body is like a car, so he needed fuel for the operation. Although he was not inclined to go to the grocery store, eating sandwiches with weeds from your yard. Strange, is not it?

And when eating in a restaurant Hugh Hefner has consumed food that was prepared by his personal chef.

Although it sounds incredible, this is the real truth. And when you take your bunny to a restaurant, he, unlike them, does not choose the menu, but eating food that was sent by his personal chef in a restaurant.

strange healthy food

Charles Darwin ate the most animal that is discovered

The researcher, he was so fascinated by animals revealed that they ate. Iguanas, giant tortoises, owls … most of them are found in his mouth.

strange healthy food

Fergie does not miss their daily dose of vinegar

In an interview with Glamour magazine, said that every day in your body enters a necessary dose of apple cider vinegar. Two tablespoons, for some reason, I notice a difference in your stomach, she said.

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