The New Moon in April Will Hit All Zodiac Signs

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The new moon shows on April 22, and brings new beginnings, but also challenges. It comes after the supermoon we were able to see in early April that made us look inside ourselves, address problems in relationships and friendships, and focus on improving them.

The new moon is aligned with the wild planet Uranus, which brings many unexpected adventures, news and conditions, but that doesn’t mean anything bad. We will be able to follow in our footsteps and look at our qualities. In other words, the surprises will be good.


Love: Sensuality and physical touch will mean a lot to you these days. Try to pass this stage with your partner, or by stimulating your passions and flirting, if you are single.

Career: The new moon in Taurus brings time to think about the future, but also finances. It is now important for you to save and focus on a new financial plan.

Friendships: When you think of friends, which ones make you feel good and valued? Prioritize such friendships.


Love: You have a renewed sense of self-confidence and fully accept your sensuality. Don’t be afraid to be approached by others, even when it’s on social media.

Career: Are you ready to improve in this field? You will start to gain new fronts and increase your self-confidence in this field as well. It’s time to dump her and move on.

Friendships: Keep people close to you who are a reflection of who you are. They are the ones who give you the most support.


Love: This new moon sends you on a new journey, bringing you strength in some areas where you felt weak in this field. It’s time to dump her and move on.

Career: You worked very hard, so don’t be afraid to take a breath. Take a moment to relax.

Friendships: You feel much more sensitive than usual, so don’t let people get too close to you. You may need time to be alone.


Love: Sometimes love hides in unexpected places, even in your circle of friends. Don’t be afraid to show who you are and show how you feel.

Career: You are ready to work more closely with colleagues because you think it’s time for progress. Maybe some of them will inspire you for new projects.

Friendships: This is an interesting moon for you. Your friendships develop and flourish. Take advantage of all the opportunities.


Love: This new moon will help you get rid of the baggage of the past that you have been carrying for a long time. You can create a new image or find a partner exactly as you want.

Career: Things change in this area, helping you fulfil your goals and visions.

Friendships: It’s okay to look at friendships with a little criticism, dear Lions. This way you will understand who your real friends are, and who are just toxic people that you unnecessarily keep to yourself.


Love: This is a great time to relax and move on to a new level of love, especially if you are in love. Open your heart to new opportunities.

Career: Allow the new moon to inspire you to learn new things and work on long-term goals.

Friendships: It’s nice to have friends you can count on, and now it’s time to show them how much they mean to you.


Love: What will satisfy you the most during this period is the physical touch of the loved one. However, in this way, you will achieve emotional intimacy that will make you happy.

Career: Be your biggest support and show how much you can achieve, regardless of the current situation. Don’t let others take advantage of you.

Friendships: Everyone tries to focus on friends because of the current situation, but you don’t have to feel pressured to do so. Maybe it’s better to be alone during this time and that’s fine.


Love: Relationships are very intense this period for you, forcing you to look deeper under the surface. Pay more attention to what’s happening right now, not something that could happen.

Career: During this time you will need to focus on resolving interpersonal relationships in the workplace, and even have those discussions that you would love to skip.

Friendships: You feel like you want to be among the people even though you are among the most introverted signs in the horoscope. Connect with your closest friends.


Love: Try to find a practical way to connect with your loved one during this time. Do small things together, it doesn’t have to be a special outing with romantic dinners and fireworks.

Career: This is a great time to get organized. Your daily routine is disrupted, it’s time to get organized and improve your work.

Friendships: You may find that you don’t have much time to socialize, but that’s okay. You may not have to communicate with your friends every day.


Love: Love is on your mind, helping you fulfill your emotions and find the support you need. The new moon is romantic for you.

Career: The new moon brings you inspiration and a sense of creativity. This is a good time to share new and innovative ideas with your co-workers.

Friendships: Find your child in you and play as you did in childhood. Have fun, you need it.


Love: Although you generally love love as an adventure, now you need security. But stability doesn’t have to be fun. All you have to do is create something that will last.

Career: Don’t allow yourself to stagnate. Your personal views are now being transformed so that you can reach a certain level of maturity and development.

Friendships: You will be vulnerable during this time, so be open to those who are close to you as a family.


Love: This period you will be very sensitive and you will express yourself mostly through sweet words. It’s the best way to reach the heart of the person you like right now.

Career: Share your thoughts and ideas, don’t keep them to yourself! Discover your inner strength.

Friendships: Your communication goes great, this period. You have a lot of energy and you want to go out and sit in the sun all day with your friends.