The Magic Of Italian Food

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It could be said that no man on earth who has not tried a magical Italian food. If you have ever tasted or felt wonderful food, smell and taste will forever remain engraved in you.

Many Italians have identified their food, and recognized through a variety of pizza and spaghetti, or commonly known as a paste. If you had the chance to walk through this beautiful country, you’ll see for yourself that it is divided into sections, each part of Italy is identified with a particular food.

Not only that each region has its own style, but every community and valleys have a different way of preparing food.

Italian food

The food in this country is different, as evidence, and the recipes that come from the same region, but they are so different.

This kitchen is a source of taste. Just ask the internet for Italian food, and they are surprised when they see that their known risotto is best to try to Milan, tortellini in Bologna, and of course a popular pizza in Naples.

Geographically speaking, of a divided land and food that makes the division.

However, it is inevitable to note that in addition to pasta as a food, this is a rich country and produces much high-quality foods, such as butter, olive oil, cheese, mozzarella, various types of cheeses have a major role in the Italian diet, they are inevitable in any meal, seafood, Italian ham, and many other delicious foods.

Italian food is known for its high use of herbs in cooking, particularly the oregano, basil, thyme, parsley, rosemary, sage, and many other food products.

Some of the products we use in our daily lives and the enrichment of food with these tastes.

I will mention some of the most popular cooked food originating from various parts of Italy.

Pasta, these foods can be divided in many ways, depending on its preparation to its consumption. This food is present in different forms, consisting of flour, water, and eggs.

The famous Italian pasta that tried any of us Bolognese pasta.

This tasty dish comes from Bologna and consists of several mixtures of food.

Tasty pasta prepared with local tomatoes, a little-fried onions, and olives, mixed with minced meat, it is usually a mixture of beef and pork, and of course in the end inevitably adds Nutt Parmesan in combination with small hot pepper.

Pizza as an inevitable part of the food is very widespread in Italian cuisine.

In Italy, there are two variations of this delicious piece of food, Napolitano, and Roman style.

The difference in this type of food is not detected her crust of bread or that is made.

Neapolitan pizza is thin but with more bark edges, while the Roman style pizza is the thin and crispy crust.

Thanks to the diversity of the food meet the tastes and needs of each of us. We can say that the Italian cuisine and the food definitely stand out as one of the tastiest healthy food.