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April 20th – May 20th

The second star in the Zodiac system – the Taurus is the most powerful and most reliable among the twelve. He is the first one when it comes to hard work that is highly valued. The Taurus is known as the most stable sign that can be always counted on.
His stability often results with a set of standards that he sets for himself and those around them – a thing he never gives up. A thing that makes them easily recognizable is their creativity especially when it comes to doing something with their own hands.

Character traits of the Taurus

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In spite of their stability and powerfulness – people that are born on the zodiac dates of the Taurus sign have a long list of traits that can be seen as negative ones. One of them is their stubbornness – something that is very highlighted, especially among the male subjects.
However, their stubbornness sometimes is a virtuosity, mainly when it comes to working, inventiveness and physical appearance.
In fact, a Taurus always knows how to use his negative traits in order to achieve something big in life – such as making some good money, working on their physique and attracting people around them.

People born in the sign of Taurus are always eager to preserve lots of material goods and they most often use them to enjoy a hedonistic life. They have a highly pronounced need to be happy and pleased and they will never accept failure – especially when it comes to money. The female Taurus is known as pretty cunning and highly manipulative, a trait they use in order to reach their desired goal. They never give up their goals, no matter what. These people – both males and females, make great parents that are caring and always devoted to their children’s needs.

When speaking of health, a Taurus often has problems with the neck and the throat, two body parts that they need to take a special care of.

Love life of the Taurus

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When a male Taurus enters a romantic relationship – he tries to set his own rules and expects his partner to play his rules, from the very beginning of the relationship. A thing that he values the most when it comes to relationships is the intellectual level of their partner. He loves long talking and debating on different topics, but once his partner disagrees with him – he can easily step off without any further reason.

The female Taurus is pretty refined in terms of taste and appearance and expects her partner to behave the same. These women are very energetic and at the same time – very romantic and sensual.  However, they always want to dominate in a certain relationship, and if they sense even a small sign that leaves them in the shadow – they will leave without saying a word.
Once they find their perfect partner, they will stay faithful and will do anything for them.

These traits make the Taurus a great match with a Leo, a Scorpio or a Libra.

A true enigmatic star sign that can be hard to understand, but at the same time an amazing friend, a devoted lover and a helping coworker.