Taurus: The Personality of the Second Among the Star Signs

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People born under the sign of Taurus are extremely powerful and very reliable. When it comes to hard and valuable work – the Taurus is always the first ones to do the job. They love being surrounded by materialistic pleasures, but that doesn’t make them non-emotional and less sensible. They appreciate physical touch and closeness, both in love and at work.

This sign often appears to be very conservative and stubborn and don’t accept anything that doesn’t go along with their standards.

Being very stubborn – they dedicate fully to their commitments and always finish the things they have started.
Their ruler planet is Venus – the one that represents love, creativity, and attraction: the three unique characteristics that are found in each and every Taurus. The combination of these three positive traits is what makes this subject different from the other 11-star signs.

If a chaotic situation happens – the Taurus is the first one that will manage to solve it as he is very practical, despite his conservativeness.

Loving a Taurus demands lots of patience


If another sign falls in love with a Taurus – he better be patient and very careful. This sign does what he wants to do and always puts himself first. However, he can be very sensual and he loves preparing gifts for his loved one.
When a Taurus searches for his soulmate – he most often does it by some strict criteria such as the intelligence and the flexibility of the other person.

The Taurus is very passive when it comes to a sexual relationship. As much as he is attractive – he loves being seduced – but he never does the first step.

When it comes to family – the Taurus is very loyal and always ready to meet, help and love his family. His best friends in old ages are most often the ones that he had in his childhood. This sign cherishes the family gatherings more than any subject among the star signs of the Zodiac.

However – a Taurus never accepts emotional or materialistic help from his close relatives. He always tries to achieve things by himself, and his stubbornness doesn’t allow him to agree to take any help.

The Taurus at work

The stability of the Taurus is extremely highlighted in work circumstances. This sign loves money and any kind of material reward and he works hard to achieve as much as possible.

His key phrase is “I have”. He values his personal efforts and enjoys when his hard work is being recognized by his employers or other important people in his surroundings.
Luckily, this sign knows how to handle money. He always tries to save money for some bad days but doesn’t hesitate to enjoy life by spending his money in the way he loves to.

This sign often makes a great bank worker, as well as a great educator, architect or medical professional. His devotion to the work makes him successful, no matter the profession he chooses to do.