How to Stop Whining in Dogs?

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Why do dogs whine?

Every dog breed whines and cries. There is no exception in that part, but all of those dog whines can come from a different source. So, your dog whines all the time? Let us get you straight on this one! There are two main reasons why is a dog whining, or why is dog crying:

  • To get your attention
  • As a consequence of pain or illness

When a dog is whining, or the dog is crying to get your attention, it can be due to the following factors:

  • Is bored
  • He sees you eat and he’s begging you to give him some
  • Suffer from separation anxiety when you are away
  • When they are locked up
  • If they are outside and wish to enter to get warmth, comfort, company, attention, etc.
  • If they are inside and want to go outside to go to the bathroom, walk or play.

When a dog whines, complains or cries because something hurts or feels bad, you will notice changes in his general behaviour such as:

  • Loss of appetite
  • Excessive sleep
  • Gaze on the horizon
  • Isolation
  • Discouragement

Why do puppy’s whine?

Whining puppy? It is common for a puppy to cry for the first few days until it adjusts to its new home. But other reasons can lead to it.

When our puppy comes home, he needs a few days to adapt.

We must bear in mind that crying will be more frequent at night and when he feels alone (if we leave the house), as it will demand protection and security after being separated from his mother and siblings. So, a whiny puppy is different from big dog whining and a big dog crying.

For him at this moment everything is strange, both environment and family, which little by little he must get to know and trust her.

Generally, this lack of security and adaptation is the main reason why is a dog whining, or why is a dog crying when it arrives at a new home. However, if the crying persists after a few days, we must assess whether the reason for this crying is something else.

When a puppy that has already passed its adjustment, the period continues to cry constantly, it may be due to the following causes:

  1. Health problems
  2. Discomfort
  3. Bad digestion or hunger/thirst
  4. Anxiety due to lack of exercise
  5. He wants to get our attention

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As you can see, multiple causes can lead to a whining puppy constantly, although the most common is that it is due to his feeling of insecurity and lack of protection until he adapts to his new home.

How to get a dog to stop whining?

If your dog is whining, or the dog is crying excessively, it is best to try to learn the reason before trying to address the behavior. Some people don’t mind whining a little now and then, while others can barely tolerate it and find any number of complaints excessive and annoying. The good news is that you can train your dog to complain less, or perhaps to complain at all. To stop dog whining and dog whimpering you should pay close attention to the sound of your dog’s whining and any other accompanying behavior. Over time, you may notice different tones and volumes of complaints about different reasons. For example, you may become familiar with the moans of “I want something” and “I’m bored.” That’s when you know that the dog whines for attention. Then when you hear a distinctly different moan, this can help you determine that the cause is stress or pain, for example.

Approach your dog carefully and handle it carefully if the whining seems to be due to stress or pain. If so, the whining can escalate and even turn into aggression.

Stop dog whining by looking at the situation objectively and analyze the possible reasons for complaining before deciding how to proceed. Never punish or yell at your dog for complaining, as this can make a fearful or anxious dog even more aggressive.

If your dog seems fearful, anxious, or stressed, try to find the source of the problem. Many fears and phobias can affect dogs. If you can determine the reason, you can work on training and desensitizing your dog to overcome his fear.

How to get a dog to stop crying?

Puppies do not regulate their temperature well, so they do not adapt well to cold and heat when they leave their litter and arrive in a new home. To avoid these sudden changes, it is best to have a room temperature of between 20 and 25º C where they go to sleep.

Inside the room

Regarding where to put the dog’s bed the first few nights, the answer from the experts is clear. Dogs are social animals and live-in packs and, as such, company is essential in the first nights of adaptation. Denying the company to a puppy on those days can be traumatic for him.

A hint of scent

When they are young or have been home for a short time, it can help to have a reference to their pack or littermates. Placing a piece of clothing on his cushion or bed, impregnated with the scent of his mother and siblings, can help him relax.

Another solution is to place a pheromone diffuser near the bed where they go to sleep to simulate the protection that their mother gives them.

The game, better soon

Contrary to what you might think, tiring you out just before bed is not going to make you sleep better. What it produces is just the opposite, an over-excitement. If it is not done with enough rest, it may be difficult for the animal to fall asleep because it wants to continue playing. Then comes the moment of dog whining, or dog crying. Check every little detail before making a decision because your dog whines all the time.

Another common mistake is not feeding them before bed or not taking them for walks in the afternoon. The last walk of the day should be the longest and after it is convenient to have one of your daily rations. Some dogs panic when left alone at night or during work hours. These animals, especially puppies or those who have a very strong emotional dependence on their owners, can feel relieved to have “a carrier with the door open nearby or a blanket in this way, it gives them security and they feel refugees from a possible threat. In the same way, keeping “the toys they like” nearby would help to stop the dog whining.