Seductive and Strong: Meet the Taurus Woman!

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  • Determined, persistent, consistent, realistic, stable, uncompromising, sensual, stubborn, resilient, tolerant, stubborn, responsible, caring, capable, strong, seductive, focused – all this describes the Taurus woman.
  • Its greatest strength lies in the two winning qualities it possesses – sensitivity and patience. It has a mild character, but that doesn’t mean it can be manipulated – there are strong opinions about many things that are difficult to change, and if one tries to “test” its limits, it will awaken its fiery temperament.
  • However, the Taurus woman avoids showing her temperament because she strives for balance and security in life. She loves nature and most of all she wants to live in a comfortable and colorful environment.

She is not an adventurer and does not want to take risks, so she does not know how to deal with sudden changes. It works best in routine and monotony, making it rarely cause changes on its own, but because of some external factors. However, whatever experiences she has in life, she quickly learns from them and will hardly repeat the same mistake twice.

Sex and Relationships

The Taurus woman is one of the most loyal and devoted zodiac signs. She is never in a hurry, she needs to get to know her partner completely and to be sure that she has chosen the right one before starting a serious relationship. Once it’s lit up, it’s probably forever.

The man who wants to win her must be ready for a lot of courtship and seduction because that is the way to this woman’s heart. The one who wins will get a lot because the woman born in this zodiac sign in nature has to take care of others, which is why she will strive in the relationship to give as much as possible as long as her partner is loyal and faithful. and gives her a sense of security and protection. Many who have experienced this experience describe the Taurus woman as a charming mistress.

Love partners often surprise them with their virtuality in bed. She sees sex as a land of fantasy in which she avoids the earthly aspects of life. Passionate and gentle, she will pamper her partner in and out of the bedroom.

She wants to spice up love relationships with sexy conversations and cunning seduction. However, what her partner says is very important to her, but her actions are more important to her. In love, she agrees best with Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn, and Pisces.


Do you have a friend who wrote “best friends forever” in your elementary school memoir? If you are still best friends after that, this friend was likely born in the zodiac sign Taurus. She takes her friendships seriously, nurtures them, devotes herself to her friends, and remains loyal to them.

In return, he expects equal loyalty from friends, and if so, the friendship will last forever. She doesn’t need many friends for happiness, her motto is quality before quantity and this applies to most areas of her life, not just friendships. She often ignores people she doesn’t like than starts arguing with them.


Big, expressive eyes with drooping eyelids, stuffed sensual lips, a slim, sleek neck, wider chest, and a larger build are some of the physical features of the typical Taurus woman. The neck is the part of the body that governs this sign, so it is very often expressed and the members of this zodiac sign want to emphasize it with necklaces, chains, scarves, shawls.

Their body structure is usually robust, of medium height or slightly below average. Their faces are usually square with flat lines, while their head is quite round. They have smaller harmonious ears and around, the sometimes wider beard with a charming hole in the middle. The nose is usually shorter with a raised tip and extended nostrils. They have soft and gentle eyes and a look like puppies, so members of the stronger sex can hardly resist the seductive charm that radiates from those eyes.

Most Taurus women can boast a great figure and look young, fresh, and strong in old age.


Her life motto is quality before quantity, which is strongly reflected in her style of dress. She buys only quality clothes made of the best materials and is known for her penchant for branded clothing.

In the closet of the Taurus woman, you will always find a suit or suit sewn to measure because this woman knows that the clothes that fit perfectly will never go out of style. Practical, sophisticated, and very tasteful, Taurus women would rather choose shoes with flat heels and discreet details on them than heels and seamlessly sewn pants than a mini skirt.

Their subtlety is clear in the choice of colors they prefer, neutral and pastel-like beige, ivory, and khaki with brown or gold accents. However, she also likes pink and green.

As for her hairstyle and makeup, her trademark is her smoky eyes and long, beautiful hair. She never regrets giving more money to make her hair as beautiful as possible, and her favorite products are those that give volume and smell nice.

Purchase style

The Taurus woman always goes shopping as planned and does not walk around the shops lost, but goes to the branded stores where she already knows that she will find clothes to her liking. In doing so, it studies well what kind of material the products are made of because cheap synthetics are out of the question. They also have a nice habit – they smell the materials to make sure they are natural and of high quality.