The Secret of Happiness Revealed: Here Is How to Create Good Karma

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Bad karma sometimes seems impossible to stop. Still, there are few tricks that old yogis and gurus know about karma. These things that have been revealed recently teach us how to create good karma and provide less trouble and more happiness in the future!

Karma is a term that comes from the tradition of yoga and Buddhism, so its meaning is often associated with destiny. Knowing the law of karma helps us to free our free will and decision-making power in creating positive changes and a better life.

Karma is a Sanskrit word that literally means – action, and that is an action that includes everything we say, do, and everything we think. Karma does not only mean action, but also the consequences of action. We can simplify the law of karma with the law of actions and reactions.

Mahatma Gandhi is attributed to the saying: “God created karma and then retired” by which he wanted to emphasize that the law of karma is immutable and comprehensive and accurate.

Still, the secret of breaking the bad karma seems simpler than we have ever imagined. These two simple but powerful steps will help you get rid of the bad ‘luck’ and go on living a happy and fulfilled life.

Sankappa – Creating an intent

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In the yogic tradition, a positive intention is called a Sankalpa. It is a short, positive and honest statement of the intent of what we want to achieve. You can shape your Sankalpa during meditation, contemplation, or different types of yoga. It is best to choose one or a maximum of two shots at the same time until you reach the desired goal. Sankalpa focuses on energy and eliminates all that attracts attention and confuses us. Positive intent will create a positive result.

That karma that accumulates through our lifetime is accumulated karma and also known as Sanchita karma. Part of the accumulated karma can be seen in our character, in our tempers and attitudes. These are deep experiences that shape our ideas, thoughts, experiences.

Sanchita karma matures over time and waits for the right moment to activate. At the right time, we are shooting arrows and solving the old karma, but constantly adding new arrows, new consequences of our own action.

Beware of what you are provoking!

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Creating karma depends on you only! You need to remember this before you sit down and write at least three of your best virtues, skills, or just the things that make you happy. Then write down the three major problems you have – emotional or mental blockages, areas where you face the greatest challenges and suffering. You just got the results of your past activities – your good and bad karma. Think about how they intertwine and pervade the good and bad side of your current situation.

When you look at the good side of your current life, think about how they helped you feel happiness, success, trust in life?

Do not forget that good and bad karma are interwoven and work together to help you be what you are at the moment!