Home Uncategorized Sangria With Apple And Cinnamon: Autumn Drink That You’ll Love!

What better way to celebrate a new season of tasting the finest seasonal ingredients?

Just as we have until recently enjoyed a refreshing and light citrus notes colorful cocktails, it’s time to dive into something fuller and intoxicating combination that come along with the schedule of autumn.


The warm months are perhaps behind us, but that does not mean we still can sip one of the favorite summer beverage. The familiar sangria can easily be adapted autumn and seasonal ingredients and you just such a treat today suggest.


I gather friends or just want to spice up your dinner, sangria with cinnamon, plums, pears and apples will certainly sit well:



1 bottle of white wine

3 cups cider (Optional i ¼ maple syrup)

1 cup of mineral water

½ cup bourbon

4 sticks cinnamon

2 sliced apples

2 sliced pears

2 sliced plums

Mix all ingredients together in a large bowl and add the chopped fruit into smaller pieces. Chill in the refrigerator (ideally overnight) in its autumn sangria!

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