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November 22nd – December 21st

The penultimate zodiac sign by date is the Sagittarius known as the man of action – always active and never waiting for things to happen, but instead taking things in his own hands and enjoying them on the way. He is widely known as the most adventuristic subject among the star signs and the reason for this is the fact he is ruled by Jupiter, the strongest among all planets.
A Sagittarius is always enthusiastic and has an excellent sense of humor that often acts like a magnet for friends and companions.

Revealing the hidden traits of the Sagittarius

sagittarius zodiac sign

People born under the star of Sagittarius are happy people that lead a balanced and joyful life. They usually are well-educated people, that no matter the field they’ve chosen to study, they manage to understand lots of different topics and areas in life. They love traveling and discovering new things and this is the most important way they learn and admire things.

They make excellent and dedicated parents as they are always optimistic and ultimately positive people. However, they too have their flaws which they often neglect and manage to hide in front of other people.
No matter what they say, they are often very superficial. Another part of their character that sometimes can be problematic is that they are not that enduring, and they often get tired of persuading others about them ideas, so they simply give up and don’t advocate their attitudes.

These character traits make them great salesmen as well as public workers. Many priests in the world are also born under this sign as they have a strong faith in the unknown.

When it comes to their health, they need to take care of their liver and the body mass because they are often prone to gaining excess weight that is bad for their overall health.

The Sagittarius as a lover

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The male subject born under Sagittarius is a hard lover, especially at young age. He is known to have lots of partners and lots of shorter relationship that he ends after a while because he is easily getting bored. However, these traits of the Sagittarius usually change when he gets to a certain age where he simply needs a partner that will understand him and bring a positive refreshment to his life. He is very picky and he doesn’t tolerate jealousy as he appreciates his freedom and expect his partner to appreciate it, as well.

On the other side, a woman Sagittarius is open and honest and easily builds a long and stable relationship with her chosen partners. She has the ability to solve conflicts and will never be the trigger for them. However, her partner must be understanding and patient and show lots of support for her adventurist and open-minded spirit.

These characteristics of the male and female Sagittarius make them perfect partners for a Gemini, an Aquarius or a Libra. Although they can create a passionate relationship with an Aries as well – this one usually lacks understanding and often ends quickly.

After all, there are not that many people that can understand and tolerate the flamboyant nature of the Sagittarius – but the ones that do will be doomed to a long and a happy life together with this sign.