The Role of Yoga is Healing Trauma

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Ever thought of yoga as the key to a total body-mind balance? You are not that far from the truth. This ancient Indian practice is widely known not only because of its physical health benefits but its aids for psychological and mental strength.
Many experienced yogis’ witness about the anxiety-relief, bringing stability in life, healing from life trauma and many other benefits of yoga – if practiced regularly.

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Most of us have never deeply analyzed the roots of the physical problems such as neck stiffness, back pain, headaches – which all lead to an emotional instability and a depressive mood that kill everyday functionality.

One thing that was hard to believe was that besides that body and mind nurturing, yoga poses can actually be the answer to healing childhood traumas that affect millions of people in the world.

Not to mention the PTSD – posttraumatic stress disorder, depressive episodes and many other kinds of emotional disorders that affect about 1/3 of the world population today. As we live in a world where traditional medicine is the most accepted form of medicating, looking for a solution that throws out tons of pills used for these conditions can be hard to accept and believe.
But after hearing the stories of young people in their mid-twenties – you may actually change the way you see yoga and its link to trauma.

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Lots of researches show that trauma can be stabilized and actually cured when practicing the mindfulness technique; one of the many yoga-related technics that can help you reach some deeper understandings about the nature of your anxiety, depression and all kinds of traumas that affect life in a whole.

Lots of educators from different areas of study are univocal about the specific benefits of this body-mind practice. Over 40 published studies have discovered the link of girl’s trauma and a technic that leads them to a deeper understanding of the self by becoming aware of the moment and staying in the moment and therefore letting go of the negative emotions that have taken the control over the body.

wo of the many studies done on this topic; done at Georgetown University have proven that girls and young women in general who tried yoga actually had higher self-confidence, manage stress easily, have lowered their need for medication and have experienced lots of physical pain reliefs.

“I am now sure that this technic actually helped me”, said one of the girls – Missy Hart, a 26-year old that suffered big traumas in her early and late childhood and proved the connection of the Indian practice and her today’s wellbeing.

As the University targeted girls that suffered different kinds of traumas such as sexual abuse, physical abuse – the effects of yoga on trauma relief: are more than evident.

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