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One of the most popular workout routines for fitness girls include the aerobic and cardio workouts that help girls shed their pounds and tone a feminine body that won’t emphasize the muscles but will tone them in a way that looks simply adorable.

However, each character needs a different workout routine simply because not all fitness girls can bear the same surroundings, the same activity levels, and the same intensity.

Depending on your fitness goals that you have put in the very beginning of the new lifestyle – the choice of a workout regime can vary from running, jogging, yoga, pilates, gym cardio workouts and various other forms of fitness available for choosing.

No matter how much the choice seems irrelevant to you – it is actually crucial in reaching the best results, simply because every fitness activity requires a constant motivation and a full devotion to it.

Usually, there is a simple way to find out if a routine is just meant for you – or not.

Asking yourself a set of questions will help you decide and start doing whatever you choose – today.

gym trainers

Will it be fun for me?

The most important question you need to ask yourself is – will the routine be fun for you? Whatever attracts you – whether it is running, swimming, pilates or yoga, may seem good in the beginning but start getting boring over time.

So, If you can imagine spending years of your life doing the same routine with a continuous change in the levels depending on your strength and endurance, it probably is the right for you.

Does it meet my goals?

Depending on whether you want to lose many pounds, tighten your muscles, improve your health or boost your flexibility – the choice of a workout regime is different.

For example – if you aim to lose pounds and burn lots of calories – choosing jogging, running or a cardio workout in the gym is probably the best choice you can make.
For those fitness girls that want to improve their flexibility – then choosing yoga or pilates, the two most attractive types of aerobic exercises can meet their goals at a great amount.

Can I do it regularly?

As many fitness professionals would agree – the endurance is the most important aspect regardless the type of activity one chooses.

Creating your calendar with tasks to do on a daily basis and managing to find at least an hour and a half –  5 days a week is one of the must-dos before starting any kind of fitness activity.

While some activities demand more time than others – this can be your guide in deciding which fitness routine you are going to choose.

So to say – running at least 40 minutes for starters will take about 1 hour of your day – including the preparing and the shower time.
Doing exercises such as yoga or a cardio workout at home can be a bit less time-demanding.
Still, managing your time in order for you to be able to have continuous workout sessions for the duration of the week is essential.

Once you’ve asked yourself these questions and got the answers – you most probably have decided the type of fitness activity that suits you best.


Have fun and stay fit.