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February 19th – March 20th

The Pisces is the sign that is a representative of the group of water astrological signs. Their empathy and emotional capacity are very emphasized, especially in their adult years. Like their partners in the water group of signs – the Cancer and the Scorpio, Pisces are very sentimental and have deep feelings that are pronounced in every life area.
The planet-ruler of the Pisces is Neptune, the one that represents dreams, creativity, and psychology; this explains why Pisces often create their careers with anything that has creativity involved.

These dreamers rarely understand life as it is, but they rather see the world through their own dreamer’s glasses.

The most important traits of the Pisces

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When the Sun rules this sign – and this happens every so often in their lifetime, it brings emotion and a deep inner life that can be hardly understood by the other eleven zodiac signs.

As little as they are understood by others – they also find difficulties understanding people around them. The Pisces often play the role of the victim, only because this role gives them the right to feel hurt and over-emotional.

These people are very religious and extremely intuitive, a trait that makes them understand areas that for others remain unknown. They always put their emotions in front of their rational thinking, especially when it comes to religion and life mysteries.

They have a hard time dealing with problems, and when those arise – they simply lock in their own inner space and try to find a solution that is far from realistic and practical.

This set of traits make the Pisces great artists, painters, psychologists and musicians.
Because of their deep and sometimes unpleasant emotions, they tend to become dependent on drugs, especially sedatives. Their sensitive spots when it comes to health is their nervous system and they often have mental difficulties that they simply can’t manage to solve without the use of medicine.

The love life of the Pisces


The male Pisces are people that are always playing the game “hard to get”. Although they fall in love easily, they love playing this game because this way they get sure that the other person is really interested in them and understands their deep needs and emotions.
As weak as they are emotional – they are still aware of their flaws and try not to show them to their partners or future partners. A male Pisces rarely cries and throughout his life, he tries to become a leader of his emotions, although he hardly ever succeeds.

The female Pisces is a symbol of womankind. She is gentle and romantic, although she can isolate herself in her own world for a long time and won’t let anyone touch her because of this way – she feels secure.

This woman always needs appreciation and confirmation for any step she is about to do – and she always seeks this from her partner. She is very faithful and expects the same from her partner. A constant attention is a must if one wants to create a strong and lasting relationship with a Pisces.

These traits of the last sign of the Zodiac make them great matches with the Cancer, the Scorpio as well as the Virgo.