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Swedish designer, Hedvig Kushner decided to make smoothies from “Pantone smoothie”…

Because of the sense of color, creativity, and enthusiasm, Kushner noted that the Evolution of smoothies very similar to mixing colors – adding avocado will be achieved faded green hue, and adding strawberry pink trench will be created.

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After consideration and the colors with culinary themes, Swedish artist made a “Pantone smoothies”, a series of coded juices that are correlated with the corresponding color palette.

The process of creating each collection begins with a certain color of paper that Pantone Kushner compares the pattern. Then comes up with a recipe that would best suit the color of the careful addition of fruits and vegetables.


In the end, the three photos together to agree with a set, creating colorful and practical guide – a photo with ingredients – regulated study, one of a mixture of juice and fruit, and the final packaged product “Pantone smoothies”.

Pantone look great healthy smoothies recipes and delicious!