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The First Spring Smoothie from Nature

Sunny few days inspired me to go outside in nature. I headed to a nearby forest, so I’m sure that nothing is sprayed with pesticides, applied by farmers. I have noticed that there are more young wild edible plants, dandelion, young nettles, lamb’s lettuce.


I gave the green harvesting, I turned the bag ‘solar’ energy contained in young nettles and dandelion. Simply were running a saliva at the thought of beautiful dark colorful smoothie that I will make from nettle and dandelion with the addition of some fruit when I get back home.

avocado smoothie

Extremely Dark smoothie of these sheets is about the rich nutritional composition of young plants grown under the sun, which differ greatly from those heaps of shopping centers and which are grown in artificial greenhouse conditions.


Consuming purchased green leaves and broccoli, I noticed that their composition, much poorer than plants that we pick directly in nature.

Gave me the idea that I’m going to next winter and spring months mixing up with frozen wild plants, and will use it together with those leaves that I must buy in the store.

I made a great smoothie from young nettles, dandelion, parsley and spinach that had wintered in my mother’s garden.

After I drank one liter of this beautiful dark green liquid, I felt my body releasing some excess toxins, much more energy I got, I woke up before the alarm clock rings, although always late lie-down.

This dark green smoothie recipe which you attach with excellent ingredients is primarily for detoxification because it has diuretic properties, then rich in python-nutrients, iron, potassium, calcium.

Dandelion: more effective in the fight against cancer and chemotherapy, contain vitamins and minerals: B6, thiamin, riboflavin, vitamin C, iron, calcium, potassium, folic acid and magnesium. It contains up to 535% of the required daily intake of vitamin K and approximately 110% of the recommended daily intake of vitamin A.

Nettle contains five times more calcium and six times more vitamin C, a considerable content of chlorophyll helps regenerate cells and affects the longer retention of oxygen in the brain. Stinging nettle is high in protein, carbohydrates, fats, calcium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, vitamin C, A, B2, B5, C, carotene, lecithin, and tannin rich source of vitamin C and a majority of grown plants. He is a little poly-tank.

Yielded 1.2 liters of green juice puree. Fruits put as much to enhance the flavor:

– Stem young nettle
– Stem young dandelion leaves
– 5 leaves of Swiss chard
– Strap young parsley
– Banana
– Orange
– Apple
– Kiwi
– 5 dl water