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Apologizing is known to be a strength of one’s character and saying: ‘I’m sorry’ can solve almost any problem in a human relationship. However, not all the zodiac signs apologize at the same amount. Some of the 12 signs of the Zodiac don’t have any problem saying the magic words, while others are just too stubborn and hesitant to admit they have made a mistake.

Here are the characteristics of the most generous zodiac signs when it comes to saying ‘sorry’.

Libra – always trying to fix things up

When the Libra makes a mistake, he easily becomes aware of it and tries to normalize things as soon as possible. The style of apologizing for this zodiac sign is unique, kind and warm. Lots of gestures, carefully chosen words and a kind approach is their style that makes them easily recognizable among the twelve.

Virgo – a direct apology without any drama

virgo orion

When the Virgo learns he is wrong and needs to apologize – he does this in a very straightforward way without any pathetic in the tone or the non-verbal communication. Subjects born under this sign value their relationships and it means a lot to them if they are at peace with everyone that is close to them.

They always have a friendly approach, warm and discreet way of talking with lots of humor involved. It’s hard not to accept an apology from these people.

Cancer – emotional request for forgiveness


Cancers are known to be very vulnerable and extremely emotional. If a Cancer hurts someone else – he suffers as much as the other person. As emotional as they are – so is their style of making an apology. This act can sometimes even involve tears because the discomfort caused by the mistake is very obvious at the Cancer. This empathetic water sign will have problems to start saying sorry, but once he does that, it will be the sincerest apologizing ever.

Still, not all signs can say sorry in an easygoing way. Some of them even hate admitting that they are wrong:


Besides hating apologies, these people often get nervous when they should admit they are wrong. If they have to do that – they will use a rigorous tone that will hardly resemble any sign of regret.


This powerful sign will never show any weakness and will hardly ever admit a mistake. He will probably try to find an excuse or change the topic before even thinking of any regret.


Instead of saying sorry, these people will probably unintentionally insult the other person even more. By taking the main role in every relationship – they often think that others have deserved what they got, and they rarely find any reason to be sorry for hurting the other.


When it comes to apologizing, the Capricorn will often calculate the worth of the apology and the future benefit of it. If they must do it – instead of using a friendly tone, the Capricorns will try to apologize as quick and cold as possible and move on to the next topic.