Nutrigenetics: How, Without Any Sacrifice To Be Healthy And Slim

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Nutrigenetics have a winning combination for us with the help of DNA analysis reveals the best diet and exercise, allows you to reach your ideal weight and better known ourselves …

How many times have you along with a friend started the same diet, but she made her body line in perfect shape and your weight haven’t any changes.

Why is this happening?

The food we eat, the amount and number of meals – all this has a big impact on our health. However, since we are all different, each of us reacts differently to food, especially when it comes to diet.


A new program, the child and the impact of genetics, a specialist in genetics + laboratories in Europe. Certain diet, type and intensity of exercises that correspond to someone and give satisfactory results for another person may be completely wrong. To find the appropriate combination of diet and exercise for individuals, conducted testing of genes, ie. DNA analysis which included 13 variants of the gene.

“DNA analysis provides a valuable tool for managing health with smoothie recipes, quality approach to life, nutrition, recreation and a way to improve any physical and health status. The results provide recommendations on nutrition and the type and intensity of exercise.

Nutritional genetics analyzes the impact of genes on human health, especially obesity, in addition to prevention through individual program activities and diet, which is based on genotype. Research has shown the existence of more than 500 genes associated with weight, proportion of fatty tissue in the body, the formation of fat cells, metabolism of carbohydrates, lactose digestion, as well as the production of energy and heat.

DNA analysis to determine the gene variants that affect abilities such as endurance or strength, which ultimately showed them whether someone genetically predisposed to aerobic exercise or strength training, “said our interlocutor.

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