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The best liquor stores near your in Canada

With an endless list of gorgeously decorated and excellently equipped liquor stores near you in Canada, finding the perfect one – whether in a short distance from your home or a longer route that needs to be passed in order to get that so-longed bottle of strong drink is an easy task to do.

Actually, each province in Canada has its own rules of selling alcohol that require a different approach when you plan a party or a romantic evening and need an extra bottle of wine.


bc liquor store Alberta Canada

Unlike any other province in Canada, the stores that operate throughout Alberta are privately operated – which makes them a bit more exclusive and well-equipped with numerous bottles of liquors. Whether you choose to buy some type of imported beer or a rare type of distilled beverage – finding a simple online map of stores in Alberta will take you to the closest shop that most definitely has the bottle that best suits your taste and occasion.

Newfoundland, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island liquor store

The three out of ten provinces in Canada that sell liquors only in government-owned liquor stores happen to be Newfoundland, New Brunswick and the Island named Prince Edward. No matter this fact, finding a special bottle of liquor is not a demanding job, especially for the alcohol-lovers who allow themselves enough time to search the map for the store set at a short distance from their home, yet convenient enough to offer them the pure pleasure of buying a bottle of drink. A small exception to this government rule is found in Newfoundland where convenience stores also sell some types of beer that are usually brewed in this region.

Manitoba and Saskatchewan

Manitoba liquor store Canada

These two provinces offer liquors in hotels and a small number of government stores. Although the selling seems to be strict, the true liquor lovers are able to buy their favorite bottle from Liquor Mart or some private shop that has made a contract to sell a special selection of fine wine and beer, as well as certain types of liquor.

Nova Scotia and British Columbia

Nova Scotia liquor store Canada

The provincially owned stores such as the Liquor Corporation or Vintners Quality Alliance offer an amusing selection of liquor products that seem to meet each taste and preference at a great price.

The great amount of retail stores in BC offers quite a number of government ruled stores and liquor agencies that resemble some private-owned store and great customer service that will help you pick the perfect bottle.


Ontario liquor store LCBO

When it comes to buying liquor in Ontario, things seem a bit different than elsewhere in Canada or maybe even worldwide. The Liquor Control Board in Ontario seems to be the only place where hard liquors and wines can be found, but the selection is truly impressive. The local brewers, on the other hand, have the freedom to sell their beers anywhere, so if you are a beer lover, just type in your location on any store locator and find the shortest route to your perfect six-pack. The distance will probably be shorter than you thought.


SAQ Quebec Alcohol Societe Liquor Stores

A distilled beverage lover in Quebec can’t be disappointed with so many provincially owned stores that are either corner stores of all kinds, either a supermarket where some great selection of wines and all types of liquors can be found.

All you need to do when in Canada is to check out the rating or reviews of the nearest shop selling your desirable bottle and get the party started. Enjoy!