Monthly Horoscope – APRIL, 2020

Home Horoscope Monthly Horoscope – APRIL, 2020

There is a month ahead of us, but with the help of the Sun in the ram, we are managing to surpass them.

Mars, the planet of energy, has been around for a whole month in water, increasing our longing for society. What is the one thing you can’t have fun with your friends at a distance? You will use technology to recover and laugh while your stomach doesn’t hurt anymore.

The last days of the month will not even stir up ambition, and although we will have obstacles to our suffering, they will manage to be overbearing and remain productive. The suffering of the Sun in the bull will not be a reminder that there are no impossible missions for us and that we can accomplish whatever we can do.

However, in order not to overstate our goals and to embark on the biggest setback, the retrograde movement of Pluto in the trench will not help, which will start on April 25 and will last for five months. The Planet of Transformation will not force us to be humble to ourselves and not to push ourselves for whom we are looking, for we have obstacles to pathos. Sometimes it will be like waiting for us to hit our heads in life and be disappointed.

Aries and Taurus will be the happiest this month.