Mohamed Salah: Meet the New World Football Leader

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Leaving Roma to enter the team that was fighting for the biggest of all trophies in the European football scene was one of the most crucial moves Mohamad Salah did last summer, although he was clearly unaware of this fact. The year of 2007-2008 when Liverpool reached the semifinal in this league was the last successful year for this team, until they got in the finals 8 years later, in the 2016-2017 season.

Helping Liverpool on the road to success

With so many disappointing exits from the Champions and Europe leagues, this team didn’t seem to go in a good direction, especially after they lost the match with Sevilla in 2015-2016 in the finals.

This year the team made a huge jump by putting the bets on Salah that proved his performances in the attack. The extraordinary qualities of this player resulted in lots of goals and a great team-play that made him the top player of the Premier League this year.

Even though it seems impossible, many football fans see Salah as a real competition to Cristiano Ronaldo, rather than putting a bet between the two rivals: Liverpool and Real Madrid. Although the first one isn’t even close to winning the Premier’s, they sure have lots of chances of winning the Champions League, especially with a high-quality leader like Salah.

Is Salah a ‘true danger ‘to Ronaldo?

The new superstar tried to deny the fact that he is seen as a ‘danger’ to the world popular player, Ronaldo by saying ‘this should not be seen as our battle, I am playing for a great club where teamwork was crucial for getting into the finals’.


He stresses out the fact that he is a team player in the first place and that his success came as a result of the great play of the team. Working harder with the whole team means a step further to a huge success. These statements surely make Salah look like he has put the focus on the teams, rather than on Ronaldo as a single player.

To reconsider things back, the ‘rival’, Ronaldo is been considered the cherry on the top of the world football for many years now. The only player that came close to gaining the success of the former man of Manchester United team was Lionel Messi until Salah came on to the stage. The great abilities that the new leader proved this season made him a true star in the eyes of the football fans, as well as this area’s specialists.

This young talent has lots of challenges on the road to competing Ronaldo’s successes, but he surely goes pretty confidently towards this goal. If only this magnificent player could manage to take Liverpool to a definite win by putting Real Madrid along with Ronaldo a place backward, the world of world football could clearly fancy a new man as the best of the best.