Salah: The Egyptian Leads His Country To The World Cup

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From the mere start of the World cup 2018 qualifications that started in October 2015 in Africa, it seemed like both Egypt and the great match player Mohamed Salah knew what they were doing and where they will stand at the tourney.

The second best scorer with two successful goals, Salah, stood bravely next to the best-ranked player that made it up to three goals in the Cup of Nations in Africa. This brilliant player had lots of successes in the period between 2006 and 2010 when he made three wins in a row at the same cup.

After this series of great wins, the 2017 qualifications didn’t end well for this team.

The World Cup Record for Egypt

If one looks back to the records of the plays of Egypt in the World cup, the results would seem pretty much devastating. Truth is, this team made it up to this cup only two times – once in 1990 and once a long time ago – in 1934. The older history of Egypt’s play with the best teams of the world shows that the elimination of the team took place in the first-round when they lost 4-2 to Hungary. Almost 60 years later, Egypt made it to the finals but still got eliminated in a group stage after winning two of three groups.

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The unproductive fourteen years that followed were a total knockdown for this team, up until 2018 when things have totally changed. The so-called ‘Pharaons’ finally made it to the World cup tournament, thanks to who else, other than the grand Mohamed Salah.

The year of success: 2018

After long 14 years, the success gained in the newest World cup wasn’t a piece of cake for Egypt. The struggle with Chad that was devastating for the Pharaons, at first, still came out positive for them at the second game that they won with a great result of four to zero goals. By getting in the third round after knocking down Chad, things became even more exciting. The teams of this round became split into groups of four where one of them qualified for the Russian tournament. Here, Egypt made it to the E-Group along with Congo, Ghana, and Uganda.

The influence of Salah

The tough match with Congo that was balanced by Salah’s extraordinary steps crucial moments gave Egypt a final win with 2-1 and grand three points in the Group E, was followed by a great match with Ghana in their home country. Starting from the opening goal, to the very end, Salah proved himself as a great leader that gave his team a final victory of 2-1. Things were similar in Uganda, where the play of Salah was decisive and gave the team another victory of 1-0, same as in the match with Congo when the result of 2-1 was just enough for this team to score the top of the Group E and finally take place in the 2018 World Cup.

Egypt sure has to be thankful for the grand influence of their splendid player, Liverpool’s Mohamed Salah.

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