Matches Between Scorpio and the Other Water Zodiac Signs

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The Scorpio is known as the most extravagant among the twelve zodiac signs – and very often thought as someone with extremely difficult character that hardly ever survives a relationship. However – this doesn’t seem true when it comes to the bonds between the Scorpio and the other water signs:

Scorpio and Pisces

scorpio and pisces

The bond between Pisces and Scorpio according to all criteria could be successful – only if the partners are mature enough.

This could be love at first sight. The Pisces are indecisive in nature and will be very reluctant to rely on a strong and decisive Scorpio.  Because the Scorpio has its own evil side – the Pisces will be a perfect partner to accept them without much complaint. Even the terrible jealousy that Scorpio will show at each step will not torture the Pisces, but rather serve them as a proof of love.

Pisces can be strong when needed, but deep in their nature they are reluctant to rely on a partner and do not want to show weakness. These two zodiac signs share a special relationship at a deeper level. They are both are very emotional, faithful, intuitive. This relationship provides great opportunities for a good relationship and a successful marriage.

Scorpio and Cancer


When Cancer and Scorpio find themselves, these two very emotional signs come together to unite energy. Meanwhile, this great combination usually emphasizes the strength of ones and the weaknesses of the other, and so they make a good balance. There is a great sexual attraction between this two zodiac signs. Cancer and Scorpio have a lot of common and great potential to keep the link striking and long-lasting.

These two signs are very enthusiastic about the interior of their living space and they enjoy refurnishing their home every other season. Since both are dedicated to the home and very loyal to the family, the Scorpio and the Cancer are complementary.

Although the Cancer focuses on his emotional energy in his family and home, the Scorpio is more oriented to life shades, to other hidden intentions, the power to govern one’s feelings.

In addition, Scorpio enjoys the practical behavior of her partner, and Cancer really enjoys Scorpio’s jealousy – for him – a proof of love.

Two Scorpios

scorpio zodiac sign

The connection between the two Scorpions can be either perfect or a total fail. The unobstructed passion will draw these two water signs to each other. At first, the physical bond is very strong and in most cases, the two Scorpions fall in love with each other very quickly, and soon realize that there is a possibility of lifelong dedication.

Share the secrets with each other is the last problem these two may have a relationship. They often don’t even have to speak – they totally understand each other just by the look in their eyes.

Still, a relationship between two Scorpios is not always good, as there are tremendous earthquakes of frequent and intense mood swings due to their inflexible position on many issues. The real problems arise when none of the partners are ready to love the other unconditionally. This is when the relationship either succeeds for a lifetime or fails and never comes back to the beginning.