What Are Your Lucky Numbers According to the Zodiac Signs Dates

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Each astrological sign has its own lucky numbers that can be pretty powerful in one’s life and they depend solely on the zodiac signs dates under which a person is born.

Once a person gets to learn what these numbers are, they can be used in a variety of situations, as they can appear to rule both in business, love, and every other life aspect.

Here are the lucky numbers according to the 12 different zodiac signs dates:




These people can count on the numbers 7, 13, 3, 39 and 28 as their lucky ones. Combining important dates in life, such as engagement, buying a new house or making an important change in life-related to any of these five numbers will lead to a perfect balance and a very happy start.


Single numbers seem not to go along with people born under the sign of Taurus, but the numbers of 58, 78, 62, 42 and 17 appear to have a lot of influence in Taurus’s life.


If a Gemini wants to double the chances of achieving a true happiness no matter the field and the occasion – this situation should be related to the numbers of 4, 51, 53, 24 and 19.


The emotional Cancer usually has pretty intense instincts, so chances are he already has recognized his lucky numbers. In case he is not sure – these numbers are 7, 17, 31, 90 and 39.


The powerful Leo certainly doesn’t need a single date or a certain number to get things done. Still, when things get tough, considering making a new life step related to the numbers of 14, 32, 77, 78 or 50 can bring some great joy in Leo’s life.


The balanced Virgo has pretty balanced life in every single aspect. The numbers such as 30, 70, 87, 88 and 61 are about to bring an even larger balance and a great happiness in the life of a Virgo.


When the Libras need to make some big decision in life, they should consider that the best dates, year in life or a simple number connection should be made with 53, 54, 71, 13 or 28.


Whether it comes to winning the lottery, achieving some great success on a certain date or anything related to a pure happiness for the Scorpio – it definitely is connected to the numbers 11, 16, 65, 38 and 69.


The number 6 plays a big role in the life of the adventurist Sagittarius. Consider making a big trip, buying a new apartment or grasping the best of life at any number that is related to ‘6’. 66, 61, 76, 86 and 16 appear to be very lucky for these people.


The Capricorns can be very ambiguous especially at a young age. To make things easier, when it comes to doing something important – relating it to the numbers of 19, 49, 90, 65 and 83 can ease things up at a great level.


People born under the sign of Aquarius believe in numerology to a large extent. While they probably have read of many different lucky numbers, the ones that really work for them are 52, 46, 85, 27 and the number 3.


The highly intuitive and emotional Pisces probably already sensed that their lucky numbers usually have an ‘8’ in the game. 8, 88, 78 and 18 are pretty good when it comes to important steps in the life of the Pisces.