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Can you imagine a deeper love than the one you will get from the Zodiac signs that belong to the Water element group? These imaginative and deep lovers are the thing you have missed in reaching your emotional stability. What are the unique traits of the three water signs?

The male Cancer: Stability over everything else

The man born of the zodiac sign Cancer is devoted to his family and is often portrayed as the one with the most profound emotional stability. Besides being emotional, the male Cancers are tender and extremely sensitive to their partner’s needs and their deepest desires. However, the Cancer needs his own space; and once you allow him his personal space – he will always be there for you. The thing that follows is the happiest and most profound relationship in the world.

The female Cancer loves everything that is at least a bit romantic.
Same as her male part of the Zodiac system, this girl loves support; so be prepared to hold her head while she bursts into tears. Her dreams of a big family are often related to her need to protect the others. This can sometimes look cruel to the people around her. Still, if she is not given a cause for being jealous: the Cancer female is pretty much everything a man needs from a relationship.

The male Scorpio: In search for the ideal bond

A time spent with the male Scorpio can’t be forgotten. For this sign, love is either everything or nothing at all. So, if you want to bond with a Scorpio and quickly transform this bond into a big love story; then this is the man you are looking for. Otherwise, be prepared to be dumped quickly.

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Another thing that one should be prepared when considering a relationship with a Scorpio is that they often disappear into their own world, just for the sake of filling their energy levels. Therefore, the relationship with a male Scorpio can be intense and wonderful or fully disastrous, but both ways: totally unforgettable.

Female Scorpios don’t play games in love

Being one of the most complicated zodiac signs, female Scorpios are very hard to get. The only way to their heart is honesty and lots of passion. What this woman needs is someone equally strong as her, otherwise, she will quickly disappear and never come back to you.

The dreamers in life and love: Male Pisces

The one thing typical of the male Pisces is his deep imagination and a tendency to form a true emotionally-filled relationship. His overwhelming romanticism works best with a partner who knows to recognize his emotional divine soul, but at the same time give him enough space and time for himself.

Female Pisces: First friends, then lovers

The female Pisces often look for a good friend with whom they can create an intense, deep relationship; and then they fall in love with this man. There are no other women that are connected better with their inner self, a place where they dig out all that sensitivity both for themselves and for the emotional needs of their partner. In general, the women Pisces are generous, selfless and imaginative. Love life with the females from this water sign will never become boring.