The Love Life of an Aquarius with the Earthy Star Signs

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Aquarius and Virgo

The Aquarius and the Virgo are a loving companion that even from the mere beginning can show a greater interest in more active contact maintenance and intensification of socializing due to virtually perfect match at the intellectual level. The Aquarius and the Virgo usually have many common topics for discussion. However, when it comes to more emotional-level attachment, these star signs generally appear to be insufficiently compatible in many situations.


Although the brilliant mind of Aquarius can be captivated and attracted to the unique and argumentative mind of the Virgo – one of the signs that can strongly stimulate interesting conversations with anyone.

The Virgos are very of proper behavior and performance and most often they will not like the eccentric appearance of the Aquarius. On the other hand, relaxed Aquarius will not like the perfectionist soberness and so much concern and for the smallest detail that is typical for a Virgo.

That’s why – the chances of success between these two elements is 50-50.

Aquarius and Taurus

These two signs get along great, they usually work excellently together and can create a wonderful and a happy life together.

The relationship between Taurus and Aquarius will have many trial periods that are most often influenced by their unique traits and big differences. The most critical of all the differences is certainly the love of the Aquarius towards freedom and their fear of a strong bond. The Taurus, on the other hand, seeks complete devotion and loyalty, because there is no half love for him. It is always “all or nothing,”.

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Having in mind all these differences – the relationship between an Aquarius and a Taurus is unlikely to succeed at all, but just because of the simplicity and sincerity of both partners – it most often works out great. If something doesn’t go right – it will most often be highlighted at the beginning of their relationship. Later – they most often conquer the tensions and finally devote to a wonderful life together. They will never be bored and keep their connection fresh a long time after the first encounter.

Aquarius and Capricorn

Both Capricorn and Aquarius can be very stubborn. Still, no matter this fact, when these star signs get in a love affair they have an excellent opportunity to discover the best attributes from their partner.  Capricorn is more cautious, has a rationalistic view of life, while the Aquarius is anxious in making everything ideal. On the surface, they may look like very controversial, but when they decide to dedicate to love – an unbreakable bond is formed.

Both partners have a strong desire to get what they have drawn. If they have a plan, they will stick to it as long as it leads to the fulfillment of the desire. The Aquarius will always do anything to help the Capricorn – and as soon as the Capricorn realizes this, they can achieve great results in any field, especially love.  This is when this relationship will become a delightful aspect of their lives – as well as the others around them.