Their Love is on Fire: The Three Fire Zodiac Signs and Their Emotions

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When talking about passion, dynamics, and temperament, the fire signs: Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius are on the top of the list of all the 12 zodiac signs.

However, each one of them has their own patterns of behavior in love and sexual relationships. Here is what you can expect from the three most passionate groups in the Zodiac system.

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Aries: people who treasure their freedom

The male subjects born under this sign are considered sincere and always spontaneous and open. If you have an Aries partner – be prepared for honest comments on your appearance. These people can sometimes even sound rude, but at least you know you are dealing with a 100% honest person.



Once an Aries zaps his eyes on a girl – this will easily transform into the most energetic relationship ever. Prepare yourself for spontaneous dates full with fun things to do. Contrary to the unpredictable behavior of the Aries in a relationship – they still have their own rules and they define their world strictly.
Women born under this sign are extremely passionate and very jealous. They do not appreciate the love and flirty games. If you want to build a strong relationship with a female Aries – be direct. They treasure compassion and physical closeness in a relationship.


Leo: The center of attention

This powerful fire sign is always at the top position, whether it is work, friends or family relationships – and especially love. Living with a person born under this zodiac sign is pretty much living a life in the shadow. However, the male Leo is full of understanding for the other’s emotions and a very sincere person. This man has high standards, so going out with him will always make the girl feel like a queen. Beware of opening a discussion, especially when it comes to love and other emotions: the male Leo is “always” right and he won’t give up until he proves that.

Leo: The center of attention



The female  Leo is pretty much the same as her male partner of the Zodiac system. She is always devoted, always dressed-up perfectly and has her own unique style. As much as she wants to impress others – she will expect that in return, as well. Her partner has to be pretty careful about the restaurants, concerts and other places he wants to take her, because if she doesn’t like it – she will easily end the relationship.

Sagittarius: the optimistic lover

Sagittarius people: both male and women are always optimistic and open to any kind of adventures that life gives to them. If you are in a relationship with a Sagittarius: be prepared to travel a lot, learn new things constantly and discuss some great books, movies, and music bands.

Sharing the same taste with the Sagittarius is the only way to his or her heart. Once you got there: this person will become your companion for life. Passionate relationships are not their style, so you better expect a friendly soulmate that will be prepared to turn the world around for you.

While the male Sagittarius is often not that impulsive – the females are both jealous and pretty impulsive. As arrogant as they seem to be – they will always listen to the sincere advice from their partners and easily accept them. The females born under this sign seem to be the perfect choice for someone looking for an open and sincere relationship based on trust.