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Can you think of a more hedonistic way of living the life than a life where good nights end with a great glass of specially selected drink that relieves the senses and gives you the ultimate enjoyment? While alcohol was believed to be the only intrinsic good even since the early Greek philosophy, today – good whisky, carefully selected spirits, a great bottle of wine is just what all of us needs from time to time.
When speaking of the land that cherishes great liquors and special selections of wines and beers – we are thinking of the United Kingdom. Being British means cherishing drinks and eventually – knowing the places where good drinks can be bought.
Here are the top liquor stores near you in the UK where you will be easily amazed by the wonderful spaces created especially for liquor – lovers.

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Royal Mile – Edinburgh

Royal Mile – Edinburgh liquor stores United Kingdom

If you are a whiskey lover and eager to taste some old, good and renown whiskey brand – the best place to do it if you are situated near Edinburgh is definitely the Royal Mile.
From the Scottish Single Malt Whisky or any kind of Irish, Japanese or American brand – this store has it all. They also operate from an online shop that offers an easy way to browse your favorite drinks and order them in a fast and convenient way.

Hedonism Wines

Hedonism Wines Liquor Stores in United Kingdom

If you enjoy a more vintage atmosphere and appreciate a knowledgeable and friendly staff that will solve your doubts between two bottles of wines – visiting the Hedonism Wines liquor store located at London’s Mayfair is an excellent choice for you.

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An excellent place for the fine wine lovers that are in the search for a store with a great mix of value for money.

The Whisky Exchange

The Whisky Exchange Liquor Stores in the United Kingdom

If you are having doubts about the perfect whiskey for your mood and character – visiting the Whisky Exchange liquor store, known as the ultimate whiskey shop set at the Whitby Avenue in
London. This family business founded about 20 years ago now stands as one of the best whiskey and spirits specialized shop that is a perfect place to visit when in the search for a great bottle of drink at a reasonable price.

Besides the great alcohol beverages to choose from, this shop often organizes tastings – some of them free and others, definitely worth paying for.

The Good Spirits Co.

The Good Spirits Co. Liquor Stores in the UK

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The ultimate liquor store set in Glasgow in the UK has much more than whiskey – something this shop is specialized in. The greatest selection of spirits and rums, as well as international drinks that come from all over the world, amazes thousands of Britain’s alcohol lovers every day.

The superb customer service at this liquor store gives the buyers that special homey feel that makes them come back all over again.
After all, with so many choices of malt whiskey, gin, and rum – this place appears to be the ultimate stop for all alcohol – lovers.

Whichever liquor store you chose to visit in the UK, just remember: drinking responsibly is the art of hedonism. Enjoy!