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New York City is a great place to shop for liquors. With so much attention paid to these bottled alcoholic beverages and so many liquors and spirits shops, it’s almost impossible that you walk few blocks without seeing a sparkling shop that simply calls you to get in.

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Even more, if you have called your friends for a party at your home, or planning to make a romantic dinner at home with your loved one, chances are you will need to find something special – especially when it comes to alcohol.

You have probably found yourself asking friends and googling about the best liquor store nearby. In order to make things easier, we made a list of five top liquor stores in New York City that are simply adorable, and you should definitely don’t miss visiting.

Astor Manhattan

astor manhattan liquor store

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Probably the best liquor store in Manhattan, a place where you can find unique and hand-selected bottles, carefully chosen by the owners of the store, all of them at great prices.
The shopping experience in this liquor store is often described as extremely pleasant. A place full of notes and cards that perfectly describe each one of the liquors available will make you want to linger on there a bit longer. Besides, the customer service you are about to meet at Astor is probably the friendliest one you have ever met in your life.


bottlerocket liquor store nyc

If you need to find a liquor store with a true vibe, Bottlerocket is the place for you. An excellent store full of vodkas, gins, lots of whiskeys and great wines. The things you will treasure the most, once you enter the store will probably be the broad space with excellent lighting and great tours organized by the friendly customer service people. Lot’s of tasting events are available as well, so following their website and gathering the information on sales and other events is a great way to go.

Chelsea Wine Vault

Chelsea Wine Vault liquor store nyc

Although it looks like this store is a wine specialized, finding some carefully selected bottles of spirits and liquors will pleasantly surprise you.

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However, if you are more into wine and picking some special one, this place will amaze you, as this store is opened by wine lovers for those who cannot resist this drink. Their online store functions as good as the physical one, so if you lack out of time to go and make some shopping, just choose the region of origin and find the perfect wine for you and your company.

Whiskey & Wine off 69

Whiskey & Wine off 69 nyc liquor store

Looking for a store where the customer service is so knowledgeable that will find out your taste and your preferred bottle once you step in the store? Whiskey & Wine off 69 is your destination, then. Whether you are looking for some rum, vodka, whiskey or a great wine bottle – this place has it all. Besides, their prices are reasonable, and the atmosphere totally amazing.

Park Avenue Liquor Shop

Park Avenue Liquor Shop nyc

One of the oldest liquor stores in Manhattan, the one that is been so praised for centuries happens to be still among the top 5 liquor stores in NYC. Their great selection of scotch, great and informed staff offer a pleasant and warm buying experience. A must-visit if you want to feel the spirit of old New York while buying your favorite bottle of alcohol.