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Having in mind that there are hundreds of liquor stores open near your location in the state of Minneapolis, you are probably wondering what is the best one where you can find it all in one place for the best price? Here are the top five liquor stores in Minnesota that you will love visiting more than once:

Zipps Liquors

Zipps Liquors minnesota liquor store near me

Located at the Franklin Avenue in Minneapolis, the Zipps Liquor store is probably the best one in the area. The frequent sales and events such as wine and beer tastings, along with some great prices are reasons enough to go visit the store next time if you are planning some event that will not be complete without a great cocktail or some deluxe bottle of wine. Be ready for some extremely helpful staff and shelves full of luxurious bottles waiting to be tasted by you and your friends.

BIG Top Wine and Spirits

Big Top Wine and Spirits minnesota

The family business, now renown as the ultimate liquor store in the Eagan Town Centre in Minnesota is one of the top places to go visit once you feel the need to buy some great wine or a bottle of spirit. Lots of domestic and numerous imported wines, along with some great selection of beers are waiting for you at very reasonable prices. Once you become their regular customer, you will start receiving some great discounts and an entry to their special events that occur occasionally.

BIG Top Liquors

Big Top Discount Liquor Minnesota liquor store

Another great liquor store located in Woodbury, Minnesota is greatly reviewed as a store where a great bottle selection and excellent prices can be found. Their recent expansion at a broader space and the friendly atmosphere will make your alcohol shopping a very pleasant experience. Besides, they often offer some cool events such as cocktail tastings and many useful tips on how to make your favorite cocktail at home. A place worth visiting.

Elevated Beer Wine & Spirits

Elevated Beer Wine & Spirits

Conveniently situated at the Hiawatha Avenue in Minneapolis, the store called Elevated Beer Wine & Spirits is definitely the ultimate destination for beer lovers. However, they offer some fantastic selection of liquors and wines that you simply won’t resist. This superstore is proud of their professional, yet friendly customer service, their cleanness, and level of organization that will turn your regular shopping into an extravagant experience you would love to repeat.
Besides, their free tastings are a true trend in the area, so try not to miss the next one.

Chicago Lake Liquors

Chicago Lake Liquor Store near me in Minneapolis

Beautiful from the outside, as well as from the inside, Chicago Lake Liquors is perfectly located at the East Lake Street in Minneapolis and look as if it’s the top liquor store in this huge area. Customer-oriented and always ready to meet the needs of every single alcohol-lover that enters the store, this place is definitely worth their place in the top five liquor stores in Minnesota. Their huge parking lot, the helpful service, great prices and most of all – an immense selection of liquors, wines, beers and many other products turn the actual alcohol buying into a great experience that you will be pleased of.