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Kogod Liquors and Deli

The District of Columbia is full of liquor stores near that can be found on literally every corner of every bigger city you are going by or living in. However, not all stores are equally rated, some of them can offer you certain products, but lack others and put you in a situation where you should hop-on and off from one store to another searching for your favourite drink.

In order to minimize your expenses and save you some time, we have put up a list of the top 5 liquor stores in DC in order to keep your wishes satisfied and your party up-to-date with the best liquors available in the state.

Sherry’s Wine and Spirits

SherrysWineSpirits district of columbia

One of the biggest stores in DC – Sherry’s Wine and Spirits liquor store offers an immense selection of over 2000 wine brands, around 1000 beers, and craft beers, nearly the same number of rare liquors and lots of snacks and cheeses that will go along great with your choice of alcoholic drink. The selection of wines that come from all over the world are usually the main reason why people prefer this liquor store, however, this store offers passionate and friendly customer service as well as an ordering system that works excellently if it happens that the bottle you are looking for is not available.

Magruder’s of DC

Magruders of DC liquor stores

The tradition of over 130 years that the Magruder’s of DC has makes it one of the top liquor stores in DC. The best-quality spirits, wines, and beers available at a great value make this a favourite liquor store among the local citizens in Connecticut. Their latest events and updates on new products are easy to be followed via the social networks where they frequently announce the popular tasting events – a must visit at least once in a lifetime.

Metro Wines and Spirits

Metro Wines and Spirits/liquor store

The store located in downtown Washington offers the best wines for the best values – and this is the reason number one why it is listed as one of the top stores of this type in the whole state.
The fascinating interior and the greatest selection of old classics and lots of other wines and spirits is as pleasant as it can be for any customer.

Kogod Liquors and Deli

Kogod Liquors and Deli

Another great liquor store situated in the town of Washington, at the New Jersey Avenue. Great spirits and wines, a cosy atmosphere and the excellent customer service will give you the feeling like you have been shopping there forever. If by any chance you are not able to visit the store, then using their online purchasing option can be equally good and you will be most definitely be satisfied with their service.

Calvert Woodley Fine Wines & Spirits

Calvert Woodley Fine Wines & Spirits

The last on the list, yet equally great as the previous ones is the Calvert Woodley Fine Wine & Spirits, the family-run liquor store that is absolutely amazing for all alcohol-lovers. The endless selection of liquors and fine wines as well as lots of delicious meats and cheeses that can be tasted along with a hand-selected glass of wine makes this store a must-visit when in the District of Columbia.