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When planning a party, chances are you overlook at least one thing you need to do, and suddenly you are out of time to run to a liquor store near your current location and end up missing one of the most important things for the party, liquor. It happens to everyone, with our busy day to day lives, it is almost impossible to be on top of things and buy everything hours before the actual event. If you are like most people, you find yourself running from store to store looking for alcohol for your party at the last minute. And if you are like most people you will find yourself on your phone or laptop googling the words ‘liquor store near me open’. Yes, we’ve all been there.

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You have more options

First of all, don’t panic, chances are there are liquor store near you open right now, to be honest, liquor stores are everywhere, so what you need to do is find the nearest one and just help yourself. Get that bottle of red wine that goes with your menu perfectly and just relax. Another great thing is that most liquor store work long hours and on top of that some of them do deliveries. So not only do you not have to panic, you can actually prepare yourself for the party while the nice people from the liquor shop near you bring you everything you need for the night.

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When searching for ‘a liquor store near me open right now’ be sure to make note of the liquor store hours. It is always useful to know your surrounding stores so you don’t have to go the distance in case they are closed. So check their working hours, if they offer delivery, take their order page or number and see their usual selection. This way you will be well informed and will make a quick decision. Oh, you are preparing a dinner party for close friends, red wine it is. Are you having a surprise birthday party for your roommate? Hard liquor it is. No matter the occasion it never hurts to know your neighborhood stores and what they offer.

Think things through

plan your liquor for future home party

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We’re not saying you need to overbuy, but most alcohol doesn’t have expiry date. Depending on your plans, and what you are serving on the menu, you will need to get enough liquor for everyone. Know the event and know your friends, and buy enough liquor depending on the dinner or party. If you are having an intimate dinner party a couple of bottles of wine will most likely do the trick, but if you are having a bigger party, then you need to buy in accordance to the number of people coming over. Keep in mind that some friends might bring some wine and liquor but you can’t rely on this, you still need to be prepared. Get some extra bottles and worst case scenario, you will end up prepared for your next party.